5 Dating Tips a Single Taurus Needs to Have in Their Back Pocket

And why a single Taurus is a frustrated Taurus

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Oh Taurus, our sweet stubborn earth sign. You’re ruled by Venus which makes you an expert on romance, beauty and pleasure, and you live your life with those things very high on your list of priorities. You love love, and we love you for that. This is why being single might feel extra frustrating for you when compared to other zodiac signs. You know that you’d be an amazing partner to someone (or someones!) so why aren’t you finding the one? It’s not that everyone worth dating is already taken, it might be that you’re getting in your own way. So here are five dating tips to keep in your back pocket and keep you happy even when you’re single!

1. Stay Present

You fall in love fast and hard, and that’s one of the things that’s beautiful about you! But dating will get a lot easier if you stop future tripping and live in the moment. Going straight from swiping right to fantasizing about your wedding sets you up for a first date with way too many expectations. If it’s impossible to shake the daydream, try treating the date like a mindfulness exercise. Look at the person as if they are an open book of possibilities and let them—not your imagination—fill in the blanks.

2. Date Multiple People at Once

This isn’t about being poly, it’s about actually playing the field. You are loyal to a fault sometimes, Taurus, and if you’re monogamous, you tend to keep your dating roster to a party of one. You like to stick with one person until you’ve explored the connection as far as it can go, but why keep ordering the same entree when there’s a prix fixe tasting menu available? When you’re in the early dating phases, try to keep a few people in rotation until someone proves that they’re worth keeping around. Connecting with multiple people at once makes it so there’s less of a chance you stay in something long past the expiration date.

3. Avoid Talking About Exes on Early Dates

Listen Taurus, we know that you value intimacy. But this is a classic dating rule for a reason, and—no shade but—we suspect you might be someone who breaks it often. Whether you’re still holding a grudge against them or have taken the high road and wish them well (actually more so if it’s the latter), repeat after us: You don’t need to talk about your ex on the first few dates. You also—and this might be an even more important reminder—don’t need to ask your date about their exes. Yes, it’s important to be honest but what if prior dating history isn’t as important as you think when it comes to your possible future together? We already established that the most critical thing for the first few dates is staying present and evaluating the connection. If they’re a keeper, you’ll have plenty of time to bond over your past dating foibles. Remember: think of dating like an open book or a clear blue sky.

4. When You’re Hitting a Wall, Take a Break

Once you set your mind to something it’s impossible to stop you, which, again, is something that people love about you. But when it comes to dating, it sometimes makes you relentless in your pursuit of love. If it’s been months or even years of dating without finding someone worth keeping, it might be time for you to take a break and re-evaluate (or try the 80-20 rule!). This means no swiping, no hooking up with your ex and no texting your crush from high school just to see what if. This is a break where you focus purely on yourself. It doesn’t have to be for a long time. Don’t punish yourself! But even taking a couple weeks or a month off will clear your mind. Don’t let anyone tell you that you’re not trying hard enough. You’ll return to the scene knowing yourself better and will therefore be more open to other people, even their flaws.

5. Break Your Routine to Meet New People

If your dating life is mostly centered around apps or even if you meet dates through friends or at your favorite bar, it’s important to break your routine. Volunteer! Take a French class! Try a new hobby like ceramics or recreational soccer! You’re a creature of habit but pushing yourself to try new things opens you up to all kinds of new connections.



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