Here’s Exactly How Shakira Is Getting Ready for the Super Bowl, According to Her Trainer

ICYMI: Shakira, the woman, the myth, the legend, is set to put on the Super Bowl Halftime Show, alongside Jennifer Lopez. As you can imagine, a lot of hard work and dedication goes into preparing for such a monumental event. So, when we spoke with her trainer, Anna Kaiser, we were curious to know exactly how the 42-year-old “Hips Don’t Lie” singer is getting ready.

When we spoke with Kaiser about her 30-day Thriver Challenge to raise awareness and support for those living with Metastatic Breast Cancer, the celebrity trainer shed light on the power of community and explained exactly which workouts she’s been doing with Shakira to prep.

“We’ve been training for this for a long time. It’s definitely a lifetime commitment to fitness and wellness and not a short term, ‘Let’s just buckle up and get ready for this event,’” Kaiser explained.

She went on to say, “I’m constantly changing and switching up her workouts and now she’s added dance rehearsals to prepare for the performance. So, on a day like that, we’ll take out the cardio element and focus more on a pure strength workout. I’m alternating between a dance interval workout, a straight tone and strength workout and HIIT [high-intensity interval training], much like I do at my AKT studios.”

Kaiser added that “All those workouts that I’m giving to her are available in my studios, so anyone can get Shakira’s workout at any AKT studio.” (Hot tip: She also shares some of her routines on Instagram, if you’re not close to a studio.)

But fitness isn’t the only way Kaiser has helped Shakira prep for her massive gig. She also suggested the singer keep her phone turned off until she’s had time to work out and play with her children, Sasha (4) and Milan (6), in the morning. That way, emails and texts won’t get in the way of what’s really important to her in that moment. (We’re borrowing that life hack, thank you very much.)  

This helpful tip is just one of the many that Kaiser has contributed to her MBC Thriver Challenge. If you’d like to participate in Kaiser’s 30-day Thriver Challenge, share a wellness tip that has helped you or a loved one living with the devastating disease on Facebook, using the #metastaticBC hashtag and tagging #MoreforMBC. Every tip helps, as the aim is to elevate support for men and women living with MBC and generate more knowledge about statistics and treatment.

If you need us, we’ll be copying Shakira’s workout routine and looking for more ways to get involved with the MBC community.


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