6 Secrets of Women Who Live Fabulously

She is always the best-dressed person in any room. And she tells the funniest stories. This woman has done it all and seems to have everything figured out. You would hate her…if she weren’t so damn cool. Here are the secrets of these kinds of fabulous (but not frivolous) ladies.

5 Secrets of Women Who Are More Organized Than You

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They Prioritize Their Money

Her Instagram feed reads like the Travel Channel. A week in St. Barts to start the year, followed by a long weekend in Martha's Vineyard come spring. (It's no wonder she's always so happy and well-rested.) Exercise a little caution in your day-to-day spending (like maybe skip the weekday lattes or cut back on the Uber rides) and you'll be able to save enough for a trip or two yourself.

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They're Willing To Try New Things

Whether it’s on a larger scale (like visiting that wine theme park in France) or on a much smaller scale (like testing out a recipe for cauliflower bread over the weekend), the women with the best stories have actually done something to warrant them.

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They Shop Selectively

You know that thing about buying quality over quantity? It pays off in more ways than one. Yes, you might spend a bit more upfront for that nicer pair of pants, but the cost-per-wear (and the added time saved by not having to root around a closet full of “nothing to wear”) will quickly pay for itself. You’ll incidentally also have chicer clothes.


They're Strategic About Their Grooming Habits

Looking polished doesn’t necessarily mean you have to live a high-maintenance lifestyle. Pick the one or two things that are most important to you and stretch out the results. For instance, if a good blowout makes you feel like a million bucks, eek out an extra few days with some dry shampoo and some well-placed braids as the week goes on. If neat nails are your thing, take an extra five minutes to buff and moisturize them with cuticle oil at home so you can maintain their appearance without having to shell out time and cash for a weekly manicure.

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And They Streamline Their Skin-care Regimen

While it's tempting to buy every new serum and miracle product at Sephora, it's not necessary. Stick to a few key products and keep them within easy reach so you'll stick to the regimen. Because as any dermatologist worth their salt will tell you: Consistency, more so than a plethora of products, is key to maintaining healthy, glowing skin.

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They Choose To Keep A Positive Attitude

Are they happy because they're fabulous--or fabulous because they're happy? Whatever the case, these women exude a contagious energy that makes them so much fun to be around. And it's a choice they make every single day. From noticing the small things in your life to carving out more time for yourself, it's much easier to have (and keep) a good attitude when you take time to fully appreciate everything (and everyone) in your life.


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