A Wine Theme Park Just Opened In France...And If You Need Us We'll Be There

This is huge, you guys

wine theme park hero

When we think about theme parks, we picture long lines, screaming children and panic attacks on rollercoasters. Not exactly our idea of fun.

You know what is fun? Wine. Specifically, a new wine theme park in France that proves dreams do come true. 

Introducing La Cité du Vin (the City of Wine), opening on the banks of the Garonne River in Bordeaux on Wednesday. 

Expect expert-led wine tastings, restaurants, wine shops, a simulator boat ride and even an ode to hangovers in the form of a huge plush chair where you sit and listen to famous stories of inebriation.

So while it might not be as easy to get to as your nearest Six Flags, know that it's there and waiting for your boozy butt to make it to France.

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