Cauliflower "Bread" Is a Thing and We Officially Love It

Gluten-free and hella good

If we could only eat one thing for the rest of our lives, it would probably be bread. On it's own. Toasted and buttered. With cheese oozing out on all sides. Holding together deli meat. Bread, in any form, is delicious.

But now, it can be healthy too, thanks to our newest discovery...cauliflower bread. We found this recipe from blogger-chef Tess Ward, which swaps the flour for cauliflower to create a surprisingly convincing (and yummy) substitute that's completely gluten-, carb- and guilt-free. 

Still not convinced? Check out these mouth-watering photos of the "bread" in action and you'll be whipping up some up faster than you can say "floret".

Spicy Whole Roasted Cauliflower