Here's What ‘Extra' Host Renee Bargh Eats in a Day to Look (and Feel) Amazing

If you keep up with the comings and goings of your favorite celebs, you’re probably familiar with Extra host Renee Bargh. Every time we see her on TV, we can’t help but marvel at her glowing skin (and awesome Aussie accent). So when we got the opportunity to ask her what she eats in a day, we jumped at the chance. Here’s the lowdown.

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6:30 a.m.

“I wake up and meditate for 20 minutes before eating anything. Then, generally by 7 a.m., I make a smoothie with almond milk, banana, Vital Proteins collagen powder, ashwaganda, reishi, turmeric and honey.”


9 A.m. 

“Now I have eggs—usually two eggs scrambled with mixed greens and avocado, and sometimes two pieces of bacon as a treat. I find that this gives me enough energy for my early morning shoots and to get me through until lunch.”


12:00 P.m.

“I need to change what I eat every day so I don’t get bored. Usually I go for salmon with vegetables, salad or quinoa and vegetables—roasted or steamed. I like to follow lunch (and dinner) with some raw dark chocolate. It satisfies my sweet tooth and gives me energy for training, as I usually squeeze in a workout between shoots around 3 p.m.”


4 P.m.

“I normally snack on Mary’s Gone Crackers and hummus or avocado or nuts before or after training. I also love the Bulletproof collagen bars as a little snack or a protein shake after I work out.”


6:30 P.m.

“I like to eat early, because I sleep better that way. Again, I’ll do salmon and roasted sweet potatoes. I like to use a lot of herbs and lemon when I cook fish—usually dill and mint and some chili. Then, after dinner I normally have a fresh mint tea and a magnesium drink I make with powdered magnesium and aloe vera water. It helps relax my muscles to sleep, and also is really helpful with digestion.”