3 Power Poses That Will Make You Look (and Feel) More Confident Right This Second

You’re on three hours of sleep, you forgot your lunch and you’re a month overdue for a haircut. But even if you’re not feeling 100 percent, you can transform into Wonder Woman in one easy move. The trick? Power posing. It took off in 2012, with social psychologist Amy Cuddy’s now-famous TED Talk. According to Cuddy, standing or sitting a certain way, even for a few minutes, can raise testosterone levels and lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol. Basically, how you position your body is closely linked to how badass you feel. Here are three poses that will make you look (and feel) more confident right this second.

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The Wonder Woman

It’s not just the name of our favorite superhero of all time (and favorite superhero movie in recent history). Wonder Woman is also the name of a power pose that makes you feel like you can take over (or save) the world. To do it, stand with your legs wider than hip distance apart and place your hands on your hips. Ahh…much better.

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The Deal-closer

Since sitting with your hands on your hips would look kind of strange, try this seated pose—demonstrated here by Catastrophe star Sharon Horgan on Late Night with Seth Meyers—for a confidence boost. Basically, the idea is to take up more space. By opening up your body, leaning slightly back and resting your arm on your chair, you’re asserting yourself and making it clear that you deserve to take up the space you’re taking up. You’re not bossy, you’re the boss.

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The Pride Pose

Stretching your arms in an upward “V” over your head is an innate position of victory. Since this one is a little less subtle than putting your hands on your hips, maybe don’t do it in the middle of a meeting. Instead, if you’re about to walk into a room where you might be nervous, close your eyes, throw your hands up in the air and pretend you’ve just won a gold medal. Now that performance review doesn’t feel so daunting, does it?

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