21 Peloton Accessories to Make Your Home Workout Perfect

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We love our at-home Peloton workout. But the basic set-up that comes with the bike isn’t enough to satisfy us anymore—we need our exercise “me” time to be as effective and enjoyable as possible…which means collecting the best Peloton accessories for our setup. Here’s everything you need to know.

What’s Worth Buying?

Ask yourself some questions: Do you have your bike set up in your living room or the garage? If it’s the latter, you might not need an additional, anti-slip mat. If it’s the former, you might want to think about an even better one. Are you a casual user or one who wants intel on their exact biometrics and want a great heart monitor? And you’ll need a bit of saddle time before you can determine if you need a pair of padded shorts, a more forgiving seat or both.

No matter what, you’ll want to have a water bottle and a towel at the ready. So, get your gear in order—and here’s to sweat equity in your beloved home fitness investment.

The 9 Best Peloton Alternatives of 2021

peloton accessories shoes

1. shimano Rc3 Cycling Shoe

Best for Foot Comfort

These shoes are designed to curve around your feet, fitting more like gloves that a traditional cross-trainer. The synthetic leather upper is perforated to allow air flow, and there’s lots of other high-tech design features we honestly don’t understand (a glass fiber is embedded in the sole to assist power transfer?). Just take it from a wearer—these mean comfortable wearing from day one.

Buy It ($120)

peloton accessories seat1

2. bikeroo Oversized Comfort Bike Seat

Best Wider Saddle Upgrade

It’s a common refrain: Spin cycling seats are sooo uncomfortable, and when you’re up and down in the saddle during a workout, you want as soft a landing as possible. That’s where this wider saddle replacement comes in—it’s a wider “V” shape than the standard version that comes on the Peloton, with a 10.2-inch width that actually accommodates your backside. And it comes with its own install tools. Here’s what one happy customer reported: “I could barely do 15 minutes without my rear end hurting but I will tell you now that I have the seat I can bicycle for one hour and 30 minutes with no rear end pain!”

peloton accessories mat

3. cyclingdeal Bike Bicycle Trainer Floor Mat - Suits Ergo Mag Fluid For Indoor Cycles

Best for Wooden Floors

One commenter notes: “The Peloton installers mentioned this mat was `much better than the one you can buy from Peloton’ during my install. That's enough for me. After a month of use I'm pleased with this investment.” Six-millimeter thickness without a heavy PVC smell, this mat is roomy (30 by 60 inches), durable and keeps your bike from dinging up your floor.

peloton accessories bike shorts

4. lululemon City To Summit Light Cycling Short

Best for Butt Comfort

Finally, a bike short that doesn’t approximate the look of a toddler walking with a full diaper. Lulu’s super-soft Nulux hugs your rear end and thighs, and there’s barely perceptible padding on the inner thighs and seat area that’s specially engineered for indoor cycling. One reviewer raves: “I recently started cycling for an upcoming triathlon and picked up these shorts. I love them, they are super comfortable and very flattering! They wash well and stay up while riding.”

Buy It ($98)

peloton accessories handlebar towel

5. naisi Anti-slippery Handlebar Sweat Towel

Best for Slippery Grips

It happens—you’re mid-workout, mid-stroke, when you grab the handlebars and prepare to rise triumphantly out of the saddle for a jump. And you slip (womp womp). Such are the perils of sweat-soaked handlebars. But this towel soaks it all up, according to one user. “[I’ve] been wanting a towel to help keep the handlebars dry when I workout and was so happy to see this at a fraction of the cost of others!!”

peloton accessories water bottle

6. lululemon Purist Cycling Water Bottle

For the Hydro Conscientious

It’s sized just right to fit into a standard spin cupholder, and the squeezable top means you won’t miss a stroke fumbling with some lid. A reviewer who awarded it five stars wrote that it’s a “great water bottle while cycling! It doesn’t leak even when squeeze upside down.”

Buy it ($18)

peloton accessories hooks

7. crostice Black Acrylic Shoes Hangers And Towel Hook

Best Shoe Storage

Eliminate one more barrier to working out by keeping your cycling shoes right there on your equipment, ready to go, with this handy set of acrylic hangers. “If you share a bike with your spouse, this is the storage rack to get,” one review says. “My husband sometimes leaves his shoes lying around, [but] with this rack, they will be neatly stored on the bike. You can hang it on your weight rack, but even if you don't have one, you can hang it under your seat.”

peloton accessories muscle rub

8. prima R+r Cream 750 Mg Recovery Rub For Soothing Comfort

Best for Muscle Recovery

“This stuff is absolutely wonderful,” says one reviewer. “I was really sore from a big workout at the gym and was having trouble sleeping from the soreness. I rubbed this in and then 15 minutes later I was feeling so much relief.” Pro tip: You can massage this in pre-workout, and it helps your muscles feel warmed up faster.

peloton accessories roller

9. theragun Smart Bluetooth Wave Roller

Best for Outer Thigh Stiffness

We like a hot bath, followed by our favorite muscle rub, then a quick session with this before bed. There are five intensity settings, so we can get the most out of it after relatively easy sessions (when we opt for a nice hard rub) and hard drives when we can barely walk (when all we can bear is a slow, soothing roll or two). “Simply amazing!!!” says a happy customer. “Comfortable pain relief and stretching of any and all parts of the body.”

peloton accessories pedal clips

10. wasser Adjustablepedal Adapter Pedals Toe Clip Cage With Straps

Best for Biking Without Clip-In Shoes

“I was really impressed with this product and was looking for something to use sneakers instead of clipping in for my peloton,” says a five-star reviewer. “I like using my cycling shoes, but it is also nice to have the option to clip in with sneakers instead.” These are also great for when multiple people in a household want to use the bike, but not everyone has bike shoes outfitted with Delta-compatible clips.

peloton accessories seat cover

11. zacro Gel Bike Seat Cover

Best for Sensitive Seats

Gel inserts in this easy-to-install bike seat cover make really grinding in the saddle much less uncomfortable, according to more than a thousand reviewers. “I put this on my new spin bike. And it’s amazing, says one user. “It doesn’t slide around... AT ALL! After having this I cannot see ever not using one again.” Also, it comes in the purple, red, green and blue colorways as well as basic black, so just popping this on makes your whole black Peloton set-up look more energetic.

peloton accessories socks

12. balega Blister Resist No Show Socks For Men And Women

Best for Tender Feet

Truth: No one wants to spend a lot of money on socks. Also truth: After you wear a pair of Balegas, you’ll be collecting these synthetic-natural fiber blend numbers like they are rare vintages. “These socks are the source of many arguments between my husband and myself,” reports one users. “He steals mine, I steal his. My mother is now requesting them for every holiday. If you and your spouse need something else to argue over, by all means purchase these. But in all honesty....the best socks I own. Heavily cushioned and soft. They hold up well.” Padded ball and heel areas make really stomping those pedals less of a foot trauma, and the mohair and wool create a hollow fiber weave that cools your foot as it wicks sweat away.

peloton accessories heart monitor

13. coospo Heart Rate Monitor Chest Strap Bluetooth 4.0 Ant+ Waterproof Hr Sensor

Best for Affordable Heart Rate Monitoring

Wrist heart-rate monitors can slip and be less comfortable than we’d like, but this monitor is simple, easy to connect and stays put. You simply attach the monitor to the strap and it clips in easily. From there you put it around the middle of your chest, one dedicated exerciser reports. “It picks up the heart rate monitor within a few seconds and then you’re ready to do your run or ride!”

peloton accessories weights

14. portzon Set Of Two Neoprene Dumbbell Hand Weights

Best for Swole Upper Bodies We appreciate that you can order one, two or three-pound weights with your Peloton bike, but you might want something a little heavier, such as these cast-iron little weights covered with a wipeable grip in a “comfortable nonslip texture.”

peloton accessories longline bra

15. nike Dri-fit Swoosh Padded Longline Sports Bra

Best for Wearing on Bloat Days

There will be days when you’re about to get your period and your boobs are sore, or you ate hella salty food or your whole body aches just because. On those days (as well as just on any random day), you’ll appreciate this longline design that covers more of your midsection than the usual bra. Bonus: It has a removable one-piece pad that doesn’t fold into weird shapes in your drawer between wearings (like so many of our dual-pad bras do).

peloton accessories lights

16. ion Rechargeable Speaker With Party Lights

Best for the Person Nostalgic for In-Person Spin Class

Is it just us, or is anyone else feeling misty when thinking back to the pulsing music and darkened room with spinning lights of the group spin classes? This wireless Bluetooth speaker is easy to use with Peloton, and its spinning light dome scatters six shades of light around your living room. Added plus: It’s got dual microphone inputs and an echo sound option which is super fun when you repurpose it for karaoke.

peloton accessories fan

17. koonie 10000mah Rechargeable Portable Fan

Best for Steamy Spaces

A nice strong clip on this rechargeable fan secures this right to your handlebars so you can recreate the feeling of blasting studio fans, but in your own space. “This fan puts a large amount of power and spins super fast,” says one reviewer says. “It was a great buy.”

peloton accessories gym locker

18. vidaxl 1tier 1 Wide Gym Locker

Best for Tidy Home Gyms (or Bedroom Corners)

This sturdy steel cabinet is a gym locker for your home, ideal for augmenting the closet space you already have or just for being a place where you can leave all your sweaty clothes in the guest room or garage.

peloton accessories workout towel2

19. aurora Athletica Luxury Gym Towels For Sweat

Best for Heavy Sweaters

No ordinary 100 percent cotton towel, this little woven accessory is infused with silver ions, which keeps your towel fresher for longer. And the size (15.75 by 31.5 inches) means it’s large enough to really dab head to toe. “I accidentally left in my gym bag overnight once and it didn't have that gross sweaty smell the next day,” says one reviewer.

peloton accessories gloves

20. souke Sports Cycling Bike Gloves Padded Half Finger Bicycle Gloves

Best for Avoiding Blisters

“Really nice fabric/material,” raves one reviewer, who especially enjoys this glove’s design innovation, between-finger loops, saying they “Go on easily and come off easily due to the loops on two of the fingers. The Velcro closure gives a snug fit without being tight or constricting. I needed gloves which would help me grip when my hands get sweaty, and these gloves are perfect, very comfortable.”

peloton accessories shorts set

21. commando Faux Leather Bike Short With Perfect Control

Best for the Fashion Lover

Just because you’re at home doesn’t mean you want to work out in any old thing. These body-con, leather-look bike shorts are hot looking, yet still long enough to prevent the dreaded chafing. Pair with the matching crop top for a whole look.

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