This Anti-Fog Spray Is a Must-Have for Wearing a Face Mask with Glasses
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Face masks have become part of our new normal in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic. But while we've mostly gotten over that phase when it was near-impossible to remember one when leaving the house, one issue continues to elude us: How can you wear a mask with glasses without said glasses getting super foggy, like, immediately? 

Enter this anti-fog spray from the brand Optix 55

Hypoallergenic and all-natural, the solution in this little spray bottle de-fogs all glass and plastic materials—including glasses, mirrors, goggles and more—instantly (there's no dry-time, like with some other anti-fog sprays). Just apply a small amount of anti-fog onto the inside of the lens, use your fingers or a clean cloth to rub evenly across the lens area and rinse thoroughly for a few seconds. Poof—the fog is gone. 

Sound too good to be true? It's not, according to more than 19,000 enthusiastic reviewers. Here's one satisfied customer, for example, who uses the spray before putting on a face mask: "At the beginning of this pandemic I decided to get this wonderful product! We are a clinic that continually is dealing with treating covid patients and swabbing them out in their cars. Myself and our doctor were both so impressed with this product immediately. I referred several other health care coworkers to also buy this product to eliminate fog from our glasses and goggles...The glasses remain crystal clear, with no retouch during the day and no sensitivity to the product." 

One less thing to worry about during these wild times? We'll take it. 

$11 at Amazon 

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