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We've been wearing face masks for the better part of a year, and while it's more important now than ever to keep doing so, you might find yourself getting a little bored with the couple of masks you've had on rotation for all these months (we know we are). That means it's time for an upgrade, which is why we found the 61 best face masks that are not only cute and actually breathable but are currently in stock and ready to be shipped to your door, ASAP.

Keep in mind that, with new variants of the virus popping up in the United States, there’s a renewed interest in which types of masks can protect us the best, and whether or not we should be double-masking (you know, wearing two different face coverings at once). We checked in with Dr. Erika Schwartz, a concierge doctor in New York, who told us, “With the arrival of new strains, if you cannot find real N95 or KN95 you should consider double-masking so you get better protection.”

Also remember, a mask doesn’t replace other recommended measures to stop the spread of COVID-19, so follow the guidelines provided by your local and state government to best protect yourself and your loved ones.

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1. Onzie Mindful Masks (Two-Pack)

Best Stretchy Fabric

You know and love Onzie for its soft to the touch leggings in fabulous prints (the leopard is not to be missed). The brand’s face masks are also made with their Full Flex Spandex technology, and this two-pack comes in a leopard print and a solid black option (or a neon pink and a tie-dye duo)—so you can wear it with almost any outfit. Featuring elastic straps and a quick-dry fabric, these masks are both comfortable and very breathable.

BUY IT ($24 for 2)

2. Vida Protective Mask

Best Adjustable Ear Loops

If you’ve found that most earloops are too big (or small), Vida’s got the solution. Each stretchy strap is adjustable and the mask itself—which comes in nine colors and kids’ sizes—is made with a layer of carbon activated and multi-layer PM2.5 filter that can be replaced.

BUY IT ($10)

3. Jaanuu Antimicrobial Face Mask (Five-Pack)

Best Antimicrobial Fabric

Breathe easy with the reassurance that this mask is equipped with an antimicrobial layer that "prevents the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew that may cause unpleasant odors, discoloration, or deterioration of the fabric." FYI, Jaanuu is a trusted designer of medical scrubs (that are actually pretty cute), so you can definitely rely on the brand's claims.

BUY IT ($39 for 5)

4. Katie May Disco Ball Face Mask

Celeb-Approved Style

If it's good enough for J.Lo, it's definitely good enough for us. The ageless actress and singer has worn this Katie May style in both the white and pink sequin iterations—while biking around—so we've got ample proof that this dressed up mask can handle everyday wear. The double-layer design features two adjustable straps, combining form and function in one sparkly package.

BUY IT ($26)


5. Sanctuary Organic Cotton Face Mask

Best Floral Print

Crafted from soft, organic cotton with a removable filter, this reusable face covering offers a comfortable fit that gives off major California in the '70s vibes. Best of all, in partnership with Anthropologie, Sanctuary has donated 70,000 masks (and counting) to GetUsPPE, an organization that works with communities to get PPE to the healthcare workers on the frontlines of the pandemic.

BUY IT ($8)

6. Abacaxi Cotton Face Mask With Filter Pocket

Best For Kids, Age 3 to 6

The best way to get your kids to put on a face mask and keep it on? Make sure it fits them properly. If it’s a cool color or pattern, even better. Abacaxi is producing masks to specifically fit the tiny frames of kids aged 3 to 6, though they also offer sizes for 7- to 12-year-olds, women and men. Each style features elastic or knit trim wraps around the ear and the double-layer deadstock fabric was designed to offer space for a removable filter.

BUY IT ($30)

7. Nordstrom Kids' Tie Dye Face Masks (Four-Pack)

Best for Kids, Age 5 to 10

Buy two (or three) of these four-packs, so you can store a few extra in your kid's backpack or pocket before they head back to school. Because you know masks will mysteriously get lost between the bus and the lunch room. These 100 percent cotton designs have a pocket for a filter and can be thrown in the washer and dryer after each wear.

BUY IT ($22; $13 for 4)

8. Slip Pure Silk Adult Pleated Face Covering

Best Silk Style

A silk mask won't just dress up your T-shirt and jeans; it's actually a material that might boost the efficacy of your face covering, according to a study from UChicago Medicine. We already trust Slip to make silky soft pillowcases that protect our hair and prevent face wrinkles, so we already know these masks are going to be our new fave. BTW, they also come in black, leopard and pink with a cute embroidered kiss.

BUY IT ($39)

9. Roseward Mulberry Silk Face Mouth Mask

The Best Anti-Maskne Material

Speaking of silk, this affordable Amazon find is lined in the buttery soft fabric—which means it won't rub or irritate skin that's prone to maskne. Featuring adjustable ties and available in eight colors, this is a lightweight option that will work best on scorching days.

BUY IT ($17)

10. Everlane The 100% Human Face Mask (Five-Pack)

Best Sustainable Option

It might seem like you’re only buying a five-pack with each purchase of Everlane's face masks (which come in solid colors, in addition to this trendy tie-dye option), but your purchase includes a donation to the ACLU. Each design is made from a double layer of 100 percent cotton and the brand even offers kid’s sizing, too.

BUY IT ($25 for 5)

11. Under Armour UA Sportsmask

Best For Working Out

Under Armour designed these masks with athletes in mind, so yeah, it can definitely handle your daily three-mile run or 45-minute outdoor spin class. It's specially designed to sit a bit further from the face and nose, making it easier for you to breathe, and it features anti-microbial treatment on the inside and a water-resistant shell on the outside. Oh yeah, and it has an adjustable nose wire. Pick between three colors and five sizes; this is one mask you won't regret buying.

BUY IT ($30)

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12. Hedley & Bennett Face Mask in Dark Blue Chambray

Best Denim Mask

If you're worried about matching your outfit to your mask, having a chambray style on-hand is always a good idea. This design from Hedley & Bennett looks just like denim but is way lighter (i.e., more breathable) and it has a built-in slot for a disposable filter.

BUY IT ($22)

13. Fecedy Face Masks (Six-Pack)

Best Budget Option

There are no bells or whistles here—just a quality, double-layered cotton mask you can trust. They can all be washed by machine or hand, and the simple black style has racked up almost 2,000 positive reviews on Amazon. What more could you ask for?

BUY IT ($15; $10 for 6)

14. Tory Burch Printed Face Mask (Five-Pack)

Best Designer Mask

If you're the type of person who likes to swap out all your accessories (and clothing) with each new season, we'd suggest replacing your summer masks with this five-pack from Tory Burch. Featuring a slew of cool prints (including bandana and a seasonal floral) that coordinate with designs from the brand's current fall collection, the proceeds from the purchase of each pack is entirely charitable, split between donations to the International Medical Corps and the Tory Burch Foundation.

BUY IT ($35 for 5)

15. Variant VL-M1 Face Mask

Best Knit Mask

We love how the 3D knit makes this protective face mask look oh-so-sporty. This Variant design features adjustable ear loops and nose bridge, so you can just slip it on and go about your day.

BUY IT ($30)

Here are a few more masks we love


16. Luminora The New Wave Face Mask

Each Luminora mask is designed with durable and breathable Luminology Technology® fabric, which contains moisture repelling and antimicrobial properties to protect your inner mask from moisture and germs. The mask is also UPF 50+ protected against UVA/UVB rays and temperature regulating for overall protection in various environments. Plus, this tropical print is just so cute, right?

BUY IT ($20)

17. Amadi Ear Loop Reusable Face Masks (Two-Pack)

Because when life feels bleak, at least a bright face mask can add a teeny little speck of cheer. Wearing this tropical flower number from Amadi will make it feel like you're on vacation in Hawaii...almost. And on all the other days, this red plaid pattern is easy to match with pretty much anything in your closet.

BUY IT ($24; $13 for 2)

18. Madewell Non-Medical Face Masks (Three-Pack)

Crafted from leftover scraps, each of these triple-layer masks from Madewell are limited-edition. Take your pick from an array of blue and white designs: gingham, seersucker, stripes or checks.

BUY IT ($20; $17 for 3)

19. Lele Sadoughi Face Masks (Three-Pack)

Sometimes, we like to coordinate our masks with our mood (not our outfits). Which is where this Lele Sadoughi three-pack comes into play. When we're feeling ladylike we go for the dainty stamped pearls when we're happy it's the embroidered daisies and on those days when we're unapologetically sassy, it's leopard print. Duh.

BUY IT ($40 for 3)

20. Space Mask Advanced Nanotech Premium Face Mask

Yup, Space Mask's got all the requirements for comfortable all-day wear: Anti-bacterial material, breathable fabric and undeniable comfort. But their real selling point is fit. This new and improved 3.0 model is made to give you space in the nose and cheek area, without sacrificing coverage from ear-to-ear. It also has an adjustable nose clip and cord locks, so you can adjust each ear strap as needed.

BUY IT ($19)

21. Giovanna Cotton Candy Face Mask

Tired of regular tie-dye? Giovanna's Cotton Candy Face Mask looks unlike any DIY project you could ever make (just look at that depth and texture!). The double-layer cotton has an extra layer of interfacing, which helps with filtration. And the brand is giving back; with each purchase Giovanna will donate to RETI's Rapid Resilience program, which helps purchase and distribute PPE to healthcare workers on the front line.

BUY IT ($30)

22. Natalie Mills Destiny Crystal Face Mask

Here's proof that you can still look fabulous and rock a protective face covering. Natalie Mill's sparkling design comes in three colors—all-white, black on black and grey on black—while including some seriously impressive features. The double-layer cotton has room for a filter (and your purchase includes one), the ear straps are adjustable and it's a lightweight, breathable design. Plus, you can even throw this in the wash, though we'd recommend tossing it in a lingerie bag first, to protect all those crystals.

BUY IT ($23)

23. Casetify Reusable Cloth Mask

Each of these face coverings from Casetity come with two free filters—each of which has five layers of protection. Plus, with each purchase the brand will donate a mask to Direct Relief, a non-profit that supports individuals whose lives have been threatened by disaster, disease, or poverty.

BUY IT ($15)

24. LAMade Face Masks for Girls and Women (Five-Pack)

Another Hollywood go-to, the likes of Alessandra Ambrosio, Hillary Duff, Selma Blair, Hugh Jackman and Isla Fisher have been spotted wearing these simple cotton designs from LAMade.

BUY IT ($55; $35 for 5)

25. Smoko Kawaii Foodie Face Mask

If you love sushi, sriracha, boba and/or dumplings, you might as well let the world know. This absolutely kawaii design lives up to its name (kawaii means cute in Japanese, FYI). It also has adjustable ear straps, a nose wire and a pocket for a filter.

BUY IT ($12)

26. Tanya Taylor Protective Face Masks (Three-Pack)

Supporting small designers is so important during this time. And if your face covering matches your fave dress? Well, even better. These Tanya Taylor masks don't skimp on function; they're each triple lined for maximum protection.

BUY IT ($35 for 3)

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27. Athleta Everyday Non Medical Masks (Five-Pack)

These lightweight, breathable masks from Athleta come in a veritable rainbow of soft colors. Match your workout gear to each triple-layer design (or just wear 'em with your leggings on days when you have no actual intention of doing fitness but do need to hit the grocery store).

BUY IT ($20 for 5)

28. Outdoor Voices Adjustable Face Mask (Five-Pack)

Another great option for workout enthusiasts is this Outdoor Voices mask printed with the brand's signature "Doing Things" logo (inspirational, no?) According to one customer, "I'm pretty active with pilates, yoga, and running, and this mask is by far the most comfortable and breathable mask out there. I've already shared this mask with my group of friends; they are all ordering it now. And it keeps your face warm during these cold winter months. I'll be ordering more soon!"

BUY IT ($28 for 5)

29. Apparis Winnie Mask

These masks are are a favorite of PureWow Editor Sarah Stiefvater. She explains: "This mask from Apparis is the first one I was able to wear with sunglasses (without said sunglasses fogging up). It’s very comfortable (at least by mask standards), and they restock every so often with fun colors and patterns." Here's to hoping the brand introduces leopard print next.

BUY IT ($45 for 3)

30. Reebok Face Cover (Three-Pack)

This basic black face mask has no frills (save for a flashy Reebok logo) but will easily become a go-to for daily wear.

BUY IT ($20 for 3)

31. Society of Threads Unisex Curved Face Mask Floral (Three-Pack)

Go for monochrome with this black and white mask trio. This Society of Threads design has a pocket for a filter and adjustable ear straps—plus a comfortable nose wire. Basically, it's got it all.

BUY IT ($20; $16 for 3)

32. Kitsch Blush Cotton Face Mask (Three-Pack)

This Kitsch set comes with every mask design you could possibly need: tie-dye, leopard print and solid pink. Made from a soft cotton material, they're all easy to wear and super breathable.

BUY IT ($13 for 3)

33. Grlfrnd Smiling Face Mask

Hands down, one of the hardest things about wearing a face mask is not being able to use your face to express emotion. At least this double-layered Grlfrnd mask lets everyone around you know that you're grinning from ear-to-ear—even if they can't see it.

BUY IT ($17)

34. Eugenia Kim Pleated Face Mask

Bold and color blocked, this 100 percent poly satin mask from Eugenia Kim is double layered with comfortable elastic ear loops.

BUY IT ($22)

35. Amanda Uprichard Silk Face Mask

Look, we get it. Sometimes your outfit just calls for a pop of hot pink. Which is where this Amanda Uprichard number comes into play, silk exterior and all.

BUY IT ($28)

36. Felina Organic Cotton Contoured Face Masks (Four-Pack)

This contoured design is made from two layers of organic cotton, so you can rest assured that your face covering is ethical, too.

BUY IT ($25 for 4)

37. Nordstrom Face Masks (Four-Pack)

At less than $5 apiece, this four-pack from Nordstrom might be the most affordable option on this list. Plus, you got a nice assortment of solid and printed masks.

BUY IT ($25; $15 for 4)

38. Karolina Kurkova x Billie Blooms Heartbreaker Red Striped Mask

Need latex-free elastic? This adorable Karolina Kurkova x Billie Blooms number has you covered—literally. And if the seersucker pattern isn't for you (or you don't love the embroidered lips), simply check out the rest of the site's offerings. Perhaps a mustache is more your speed.

BUY IT ($28)

39. Rendall Co. Sentry Mask

Among this mask's standout features are a tie-back style, two built-in breathable layers of high-density cotton/linen blends, the option to add your own filter and embedded copper nose band bends for a snug, custom fit (that also reduces eyewear fogging).

BUY IT ($19; $16)

40. Night Face Covering

This silk mask is gorgeous, yes. Like it was made to be paired with an evening gown and worn out on the town. But it also comes with seven disposable mask filters that are made from melt blown, the same material used in surgical masks because it's so effective at blocking airborne particles.

BUY IT ($60)

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41. Re/Done Upcycled Denim & Bandana Face Masks Set (Two-Pack)

These masks from beloved denim brand, Re/Done are made from upcycled fabric, meaning they're a good eco-friendly option. In addition to having a handy nose clip, they're also entirely reversible. So it might seem like you're getting a two-pack but you're actually scoring four different looks.

BUY IT ($40 for 2)

42. London Luxury Face Mask (Two-Pack)

This two-pack is available in five color options—from raspberry to grey—so you can pick your favorite and stick to it.

BUY IT ($8 for 2)

43. Good American Denim Face Mask

Make like a Kardashian and sport this Good American face mask. In addition to the blue denim shade, this one also comes in a fierce animal print.

BUY IT ($5)

44. Masqd Neon Rib Masks (Three-Pack)

Just as comfortable as your favorite ribbed tank, this number is crafted from an antimicrobial fabric—and features an adjustable nose wire.

BUY IT ($47; $31 for 3)

45. Dawn Levy Gem Quilted Mask

Featuring a three-layer design with a filter pocket and adjustable elastic straps for extra comfort (and six gorgeous colorways), you can even buy a matching quilted jacket to go with your mask.

BUY IT ($35)

46. The Avant Guard Mykonos Aerosilver Luxe Mask

This chic little mask is crafted from a soft jersey fabric that's woven with aerosilver yarns, which provide an antimicrobial finish and UV protection, that will stay put for over 50 washes. It also comes with a zip-up carrying case, you can safely tote your mask around before and after you wear it.

BUY IT ($50)

47. Koral Infinity Face Mask

Koral's masks are designed to be just like their leggings: Sweat-wicking and crafted from a stretchy, anti-microbial fabric. While you're at it, you might as well get a matching pair of camo joggers.

BUY IT ($20)

48. Rails Fashion Masks White Evergreen (Two-Pack)

This two-pack of masks from Rails is just asking to be Instagrammed. Our tip: Wear yours with a patterned outfit (think leopard print or a sweet floral) for the biggest impact.

BUY IT ($30 for 2)

49. Lele Sadoughi x Megababe Safety Set

Raise your hand if you're also obsessed with MegaBabe founder (and the coolest inclusive Instagrammer around) Katie Sturino. Same. Which is why we love that she partnered with Lele Sadoughi to create a mask and hand sanitizer duo. The yellow gingham mask is covered in heat press pearls—which means they won't fall off after one wear—and the MegaBabe sanitizer is totally plant-based. Consider this the only good thing to come out of 2020.

BUY IT ($25)

50. Society6 Pink Lemonade II Face Mask

Let summer live on forever with this sweet lemonade-inspired mask that includes a pocket for a filter. Not into the fruity pattern? Perhaps a cool terrazzo is more your speed...or maybe this mystical eye print best fits your aesthetic.

BUY IT ($17; $14)


51. Senreve Interchangeable Face Mask Set

This just might be the most luxe mask set on the market. Not only does it come with three different masks (including two silky tri-fold styles and one classic shape in a floral print), it also features a leather holster that ensures a snug—but comfortable—fit. Simply snap the mask you want to wear onto the leather strap and tuck a filter into the pocket, if you so please, and then tighten the leather toggles around your head. Voilà, you're looking chic and protected.

BUY IT ($115)

52. Pink Moon Aromatherapy Mask Set

This sustainably crafted face mask is made with breathable organic cotton fabric that includes a naturally antibacterial pocket to add a filter or a few drops of essential oils (included with purchase) to keep your mask smelling fresh.

BUY IT ($50)

53. Urban Outfitters Printed Face Mask

Need the final item to complete your cottagecore look? This pleated mask has you covered. And, even better, a portion of each purchase will benefit American Nurses Foundation’s Coronavirus Response Fund for Nurses.

BUY IT ($10; $8)

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54. 8 Other Reasons Face Mask Set (Three-Pack)

If you find many masks dig in uncomfortably behind your ears, customers say this three-pack is for you. "Very soft, doesn't make pimples on your face, easy to breathe with this mask, you can wear it the whole day and you don't feel it, doesn't bother my ears at all," writes one happy buyer.

BUY IT ($22 for 3)

55. evolvetogether 30 Day Pack Face Masks (30-Pack)

With a water-resistant outer layer, a melt blown center and a water absorbent inner layer, this pack of 30 disposable face masks are a touch chicer than your run-of-the-mill surgical mask.

BUY IT ($36 for 30)

56. Still Here Face Masks (Three-Pack)

With stylish painted stripes and a "Still Here" logo, these face masks are made of a lightweight, sustainably-produced cotton. You can also wear them two ways: Either use the mask strings to wear it behind your ears or around your head.

BUY IT ($50 for 3)

57. Leota Face Mask in Confetti Dot

Inspired by her great grandmother and other go-getter women, Sarah Carson launched Leota in 2011 on the principles of empowerment, femininity and optimism. The brand's reusable masks are machine-washable, durable and made from double-layered 100 percent cotton, which blocks respiratory droplets while maintaining breathability and comfort.

BUY IT ($10)

58. Skims Adult Seamless Knit Face Mask

From Kim Kardashian's SKIMS brand, this seamless, machine-washable face mask is knit so that fewer pleats are needed, for less bulk and a comfortable fit from nose to chin. It also comes in five neutral shades to suit a variety of skin tones.

BUY IT ($8)

59. safety smile Assorted Adult Face Masks (Five-Pack)

In five colors and patterns, these washable, reusable masks feature an adjustable nose wire and comfy, breathable cotton to keep particles out while still allowing you to inhale and exhale comfortably.

BUY IT ($15 for 5)

60. rag & bone The Stealth Adult Face Masks (three-pack)

Turns out one of our favorite purveyors of denim also sells a highly-rated mask set. This three-pack, which comes in a few different color options, have adjustable ear straps that are contoured for nose-to-chin coverage while you're on the go.

BUY IT ($55 for 3)

61. st. john collection Artisanal Icon Piqué Adult Face Mask

Is $45 a bit pricey for a single mask? Maybe, but just gaze upon its chicness for a moment, will you? Sustainably crafted from a piqué knit with jacquard patterning, this washable and reusable mask is designed with a lining and pocket to accommodate an optional filter (though that's not included).

BUY IT ($45)

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