5 Lululemon MIRROR Trainers on How They’re Staying Physically (and Mentally) Fit This Holiday Season

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You've heard of lululemon's high-tech fitness tool MIRROR, now it's time to meet the trainers behind the glass. With a recent expansion into the Canadian market (eh?) and a brand-new product launch on the horizon (introducing MIRROR weights, the smart dumbbells and ankle weights your at-home workouts have been missing), we had a chance to sit down with five of the brand's top tier trainers from around the world. Meet Gerren, Amanda, Christina, Armond and Patricia.

With the holidays fast approaching, we had just one question on our minds: How are you staying physically and mentally fit this holiday season? Here's what they had to say.

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mirror trainer holiday plans gerren liles

1. Gerren Liles, HIIT

How are you staying active this holiday season?

"I’ve been stocking up on warm Lululemon gear so I can keep doing runs midday. Fitness doesn’t care about the weather outside!"

How are you staying mindful this holiday season?

"I’m learning to balance my professional life with spending more time with friends and family. I want people to know how much I value their presence in my life and learn to appreciate the small moments."

Cheers to the holidays! Are you sipping on eggnog or mulled wine?

"Eggnog! I may even make a little eggnog mustache!"

mirror trainers holiday plans amanda robinson

2. Amanda Robinson, Dance

How are you staying active this holiday season?

"I'm committing to moving my body joyfully every day, whether it's a dance session in my jammies, chasing my 3-year-old niece around at our holiday parties or a bedtime stretch to decompress after a long day. All that matters is that I stay consistent and, most importantly, that it feels good!"

How are you staying mindful this holiday season?

"I'm staying mindful by reminding myself it's OK to treat yourself! I choose to give myself grace when making conscious indulgences such as wine or my favorite pie because A. I work hard and B. Tomorrow isn't promised so eat the cake, buy the shoes and live your life."

Which Christmas icon would you rather have in one of your classes: Mariah Carey or Ariana Grande?

"I will say, I love both of them. However, I have worked with Ariana Grande before on SNL and she was an absolute sweetheart. Mariah on the other hand, I have adored as an icon since I was a little girl (especially being biracial myself) so having her in one of my classes would be a true honor."

mirror trainers holiday plans christina jensen

3. Christina Jensen, HIIT

How are you staying active this holiday season?

"I’ll be staying active this holiday season by taking advantage of fun outdoor activities I can do while the weather is cold and snowy! You can find me skiing, ice skating and, my favorite, sledding! On days I can’t utilize the amazing winter weather, I will definitely be using my MIRROR which is the perfect at-home gym."

How are you staying mindful this holiday season?

"To me, the holidays are the perfect time for sharing. Sharing love, laughter and celebrating new memories and milestones with friends and family. But most of all, it's important to me to give back in any way I can. Each year my family and I donate to local charities and animal shelters. My best friend and pup, Missy, is from a wonderful shelter here in New York City, and what an incredible gift she has been in my life. As I celebrate the holidays with friends and family, I will be sure to be mindful of all who do not have friends, family and a home the same way I do. It's very important for me to give back no matter the circumstance. The gift of giving is the best and most mindful thing I could ever do!"

Which musical artist would you be most excited about recording a new holiday album?

"Call me a typical '90s girl but I would be so excited if NSYNC got back together and did another fun boy band holiday album! But if I were to get really mushy, I’m a Natalie Cole girl all the way! She’s timeless and 'Unforgettable In Every Way' (wink wink)!"

mirror trainers holiday plans armond jordan

4. Armond Jordan, Boxing

How are you staying active this holiday season?

"Beyond teaching on the MIRROR, I will be taking MIRROR classes from fellow trainers this holiday season. Some of my favorites are Strength (Total Body) and Cardio (Bootcamp)."

How are you staying mindful this holiday season?

"I’m staying mindful by not allowing myself to take on too much and not letting potential holiday stress get to me. I will focus on spending time with family and loved ones."

Which holiday song would you rather listen to on repeat: 'My Only Wish (This Year)' by Britney Spears or 'This Christmas' by Christina Aguilera?

"I’d have to go with 'This Christmas,' such a classic."

mirror trainers holiday plans patricia sabulis

5. Patricia Sabulis, Pilates

How are you staying active this holiday season?

"My holiday season is always filled with lots of family gatherings, so I love to be able to do something active with the crew. Walks or even just running around playing hide and seek with nieces and nephews are always good ways to move my body when things get busy!"

How are you staying mindful this holiday season?

"My schedule leading up to the holidays usually gets so busy and hectic that I sometimes find myself forgetting the real reason for the season. Morning meditation is so helpful for me to connect with myself and keep me grounded."

Which holiday movie would you rather watch on repeat: Elf or Home Alone?

"While both movies are favorites, I’m going to have to go with Elf because I could watch Will Ferrell screaming in that revolving door all day, every day. It gets me every time!"

If you want to join these trainers as they sweat through the holidays, head to your nearest lululemon store for a chance to demo the MIRROR yourself.

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