Your boss just scrapped 85 percent of a presentation you’re giving tomorrow. Your kids are acting like they just shotgunned seven Pixy Stix each. No matter what caused it, you’re in a bad mood. But you don’t have time to curl up in a ball and ride this one out. Here, seven ways to perk up in less time than it takes you to list everything that’s currently stressing you out.

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good mood snack1

Have a Snack

…But be careful about what you snack on. You might want to reach for a candy bar, but those offer little to no nutritional benefits and will probably cause some hanger later on. Instead, pick a snack made up of foods that are scientifically proven to boost your mood, like a few clementines or a slice of avocado toast.

good mood youtube

Watch a Funny YouTube Video

This is totally up to your personal taste, but think about a YouTube video you found (or, more likely, a friend showed you) and watch it. Might we recommend “Sad Affleck,” “Leave Britney Alone” or this incredible clip of a Kim Cattrall interview?

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good mood music 1

Listen to Your Favorite Song

And no, it doesn’t have to be “Happy” by Pharrell. Any song you adore, regardless of its tone, should put a smile on your face in around three and a half minutes. (Psst…one of our go-tos is “Cecilia” by Simon and Garfunkel.)

good mood music 2

Or Listen to This One Song

If you want more concrete proof that a song will put you in a good mood, look no further than “Weightless” by Marconi Union. Neuroscientists at Mindlab International found that study participants who listened to this particular tune experienced a 65 percent decrease in overall anxiety and a 35 percent decrease in their usual physiological resting rates. *Plugs in earbuds*

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good mood cursing

Curse It Out

This is unexpected but awesome. A study by researchers at the UK’s Keele University School of Psychology found that people who curse freely have a higher pain tolerance and lower levels of perceived pain. So when you’re feeling particularly stressed or just bummed out, don’t hold it in. Drop a few f-bombs and be on your way.

good mood hand massage

Give Yourself a Hand Massage

Ideally, we’d flee to the nearest spa for some pampering whenever we felt a bad mood coming on. But if you have only a few minutes to snap out of it, this simple tutorial lets you feel instantly zen no matter where you are.

good mood shopping

Window-Shop Online

This is possibly our favorite way to perk up in three minutes flat. We go to Net-a-Porter’s “What’s New” section and scroll through pages and pages of swoon-worthy clothes, shoes and accessories without buying anything. Tip: If you click on individual pieces, it has videos of models in the clothes—just another layer of awesome.

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