How Do I Cleanse My Crystal?

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You weren’t exactly sure about this whole healing crystals thing, but then your yogi friend gifted you the prettiest gem for your birthday and you thought to yourself: Why the heck not? (Hey, no judgement here.) Now you want to make sure that your gorgeous stone is in optimal positive-energy condition (or you know, stays super sparkly). To unearth (pun intended) the best way to cleanse your crystal, we tapped healing practitioner Jissel Ravelo of Vibra Wellness.

What you’ll need: A bowl and a hefty dose of sea salt, or sun/moon light.

What to do: Fill the bowl with sea salt and place your crystal inside it (ensuring that it’s completely covered) for 24 hours. Then, discard the salt (it has too much negativity to use again), wipe or gently rinse the crystal and continue to use as before (or set a new intention). You can also leave your crystal in a window or outside for 24 hours, where the sun and moon light will cleanse and charge it.

Why do this: “Since crystals are energetic, some may get ‘dirty’ (i.e., filled with harmful energy) so you’ll want to cleanse them regularly,” says Ravelo. She recommends cleansing your crystal on a monthly basis.

One more thing: There are Some crystals (like opals or turquoise) can react badly with salt or water. Check with your crystal provider before cleansing to make sure that yours can be cleansed using this method without damaging the stone.

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