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You’re an ESTJ, one of the 16 Myers-Briggs types—while some people might initially write you off as too serious and set in your ways, you’re a hard-working, loyal and patient leader who is great at inspiring a team and getting things done. But sometimes, you’re so focused on the task at hand that you forget to take time to relax and recharge. Step away from the TV: you think differently than other Myers-Briggs types, and you need to unwind differently, too. 

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Go Shopping

As an ESTJ, sitting around the house in your PJs watching Netflix will probably make you feel antsy, not relaxed. The no-nonense, no-nonsense side of your personality will feel much more at ease if you’re doing something somewhat productive, like driving downtown to look for a new down jacket before it gets too chilly outside. Grab a cup of warm apple cider and spend the day strolling around town. And since you’re an extrovert and feel energized—not exhausted—around other people, you might even want to brave (gasp) the mall.

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women discussing a book
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Join a Book Club

ESTJs tend to surround themselves with smart, like-minded friends. It’s great to have a tight-knit group of friends, but it’s time to expand your horizons and join a book club filled with new people who aren’t just like you. And although non-fiction is usually more your thing, we’d suggest giving a novel a whirl. (We think you’ll love the tech thriller The Mansion, which is basically The Shining if Jack Torrance had Amazon Alexa.) 

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Meet Friends For a Drink

There’s nothing ESTJs love more than hanging out with friends—and you’re not just talking about the weather and what’s happening at work. You love to get into heated debates and involved philosophical (and political) conversations. You aren’t always the life of the party, but you’re the superglue that holds your friend group together—take them out for a round and feel your stress melt away. 

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