This Doctor-Approved Insomnia Solution Is So Easy to Do

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On a scale of wearing a really good outfit and not seeing anyone to dropping your phone in the toilet, not being able to fall asleep is pretty damn frustrating. If you’ve tried every trick under the sun, consider this one from Dr. Martha Cortes, a New York City-based dentist who sub-specializes in the treatment of sleep breathing disorders.

What to do when you can’t sleep:


Why should I write? 

The creative act of writing things down—whether that’s all the random thoughts running through your mind or even just a to-do list—will help your brain ease into relaxation mode, Dr. Cortes told us.  

There’s one caveat, though:

Write with a pen and paper, not on your phone or a computer, which can be counterproductive and actually keep you up even longer. If you absolutely must use a computer, Dr. Cortes recommends investing in a blue-light-blocking screen protector

Sweet dreams.

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