This Mysterious Part of Your Birth Chart Reveals Your Deepest Wound and Greatest Strength

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Sure you know your sun, moon and rising sign, but what if we told you that the literal key to figuring out why you are the way you are might be found in your Chiron sign? Chiron is known in astrology as the wounded healer. Have you ever wondered why a certain part of your life always feels like a sore spot? Or why it’s so much easier for others to get what they want while you feel left behind? Chiron reveals how your deepest wound can also be your greatest strength, and how you can heal others through your deep inner work.

Let’s get into what your Chiron sign means for you.

What Is Chiron?

Discovered in 1977 by astronomer Charles Kowal, Chiron (pronounced kie-ron) was the first identified centaur—an astronomical term for a small planetary body orbiting the outer-realms of our solar system. This minor planet is named after the notable centaur Chiron from Greek Mythology who was known as The Wounded Healer. 

What Does Chiron Mean in Astrology?

Much of Chiron’s meaning in astrology is derived from the Greek myth about the centaur of the same name. Chiron was considered the wisest of all the centaurs because he was not violent or aggressive like the others. In Chiron’s myth, he is wounded twice: once at birth and another time toward the end of his life when he had already gained a reputation for being a great teacher and healer. The myth of Chiron asks what happens when the healer is wounded? How can we teach others through our pain?

Where Chiron is placed (by sign and house) in our birth chart speaks to where we’ve experienced wounding in our lives. It’s the part of our story where we feel less than or not enough. Whether we experienced a literal rejection, trauma or wound in this area, or just have always felt self conscious about it, this is often the place where we can heal others through living by example. When we’re vulnerable enough to share what hurts, we open the floodgates for healing.

How to Calculate Your Chiron

You can easily calculate your Chiron sign and house placement by using this calculator by the AstroTwins. Just fill in your date, time and location of birth and you’ll see where Chiron is placed in your chart!

The Meaning of Chiron in Your Natal Chart

1. Chiron in Aries (or the 1st House)

With Chiron in Aries, you were likely encouraged to follow a traditional path, but chose to trailblaze your own way instead. You skipped out on college to travel, tour with a band and work odd jobs, and let’s be real: you have so many stories to share. Despite how insanely cool you are though, you can’t help but feel like your choices have given you a bad reputation. You regret not having the diploma or the promotion or the award statue to prove your worth. Wouldn’t it be so much easier to be like everybody else? Remember that your unique experiences give you the depth to heal others through your self-expression and individuality.

2. Chiron in Taurus (or the 2nd House)

Chiron in Taurus gives you an innate scarcity mindset. You feel guilty for indulging in comfort, luxuries and material things. Why buy the designer brand when there’s something equally good at Target? Why splurge on a fancy restaurant when you can go to a chain instead? You likely grew up with caregivers who valued austerity—whether that was due to financial hardship or just a cautious view about money. In many cases, it’s not even because you don’t see the value in these things, it’s because you worry that you don’t deserve them. Through this pain though, you’ve become extremely talented at helping others face their financial trauma and claim their own worth. The goal is to worry less about your own security and trust that you have enough.

3. Chiron in Gemini (or the 3rd House)

With Chiron in Gemini, you’re constantly questioning your own intellect and ideas. “I’m not smart enough to do that,” is a constant refrain. This isn’t just about school or presentations at work though, somehow something as mundane as sharing a meme in the group chat makes you terrified—how can other people just throw their ideas out into the void without thinking long and hard about them first? The irony is that when you do share your thoughts (yes, even your quips), you make everyone think…and laugh! You heal others through your humor, and you can heal yourself through embracing failure and allowing yourself to try again.

4. Chiron in Cancer (or the 4th House)

With Chiron in Cancer, you always feel like the black sheep of the family. Belonging is a constant struggle. Whether you were a generational outlier growing up or your family of origin speaks a completely different love language, you knew from a young age that you’d have to look outside the family unit for a sense of home. You may also struggle with domesticity. You often live in sparse spaces, keeping things light so that you could pack up and go at any moment. It’s hard for you to settle down. That said, you’re warm, generous and kind, and even though you keep things minimal, you throw amazing house parties. You show up as the matriarch of every friend group and community gathering. You heal through your chosen family.

5. Chiron in Leo (or the 5th House)

You’re the type of person who doesn’t dress for the occasion, you dress for how you feel. Whether you’re wearing glitter eye shadow to the grocery store or putting on a gown for your friend’s low-key housewarming, you can’t help but stand out in a crowd. Beyond your sartorial prowess, you’re also deeply charismatic and have so much pride in the things you love. But still, whenever someone gives you a compliment or points out how amazing you are, you feel embarrassed. You wish everyone would just look away. Your diva attitude inspires others to claim their own power though. You heal through being fabulous.

6. Chiron in Virgo (or the 6th House)

Let’s be real: You’re a fixer. Nothing gives you joy like passing on tips, tricks and life hacks to your friends and loved ones. Someone doesn’t know the proper way to fold fitted sheets or fit a comforter into the duvet? You’re ready with an instructional video. You’re always on top of all the fitness and health trends, and don’t hesitate to share the pros and cons to all. That said, you often struggle with your own self-care. For some reason, you don’t think you deserve to live a calm, peaceful and healthy life. You can heal others through your powers of organization. Remember that it’s OK to share some of that magic with yourself.

7. Chiron in Libra (or the 7th House)

Relationships have never been easy for you. Of course, don’t get us wrong, you love love more than almost anyone, but whether you’ve been unlucky or just too much of a perfectionist when it comes to partnerships, you tend to stay out of the dating game. Despite this, you’re still everyone’s’ go-to for advice about their own romantic foibles. Not just because you’ve watched every rom com, listened to every Esther Perel podcast, and studied attachment styles like you have a second career as a therapist, but because you also know how to deliver your wisdom with care and compassion. Less “Dump Him!” and more Where Should We Begin? energy. You heal through your ability to connect.

8. Chiron in Scorpio (or the 8th House)

Scorpio is a sign known for being intense, strategic and protective. With Chiron in Scorpio, you absolutely hate change. You keep your friends’ close and your enemies even closer. You’re deeply loyal which is usually a good thing, but also means that you stick with tired friendships, dead end jobs and silly trends long past their expiration date. No one is wearing those Supergas anymore. It’s OK to let them go. As much as you hate to change yourself, your superpower  is helping other people in their personal transformations. You have an incredible capacity to hold other people’s traumas and work with them through the pain. It’s OK to extend some of that compassion to yourself.

9. Chiron in Sagittarius (or the 9th House)

With Chiron in Sagittarius, you likely hold a lot of shame over not being educated or worldly enough. Maybe you went to a state college while your entire social group went to an Ivy League, or you’ve never been to Europe, or you’ve never had the patience to get through any of those Great American novels, that doesn’t mean you aren’t smart! You actually have the best taste of anyone. You know how to create an adventure out of anything—a simple trip into town becomes an epic journey when it’s with you. Despite the wound you feel around your own intellectual worthiness, you’re a brilliant teacher and mentor in your own right. You heal others through your adventurous heart and keen eye for culture. 

10. Chiron in Capricorn (or the 10th House)

With Chiron in Capricorn, your constant worry is that you’ll never live up to your own lofty ambitions. Despite your natural flair for business and leadership (you were probably Class President in high school and accidentally promoted to manager at your first after-school job),  you feel self-conscious when you’re asked to take up space. Despite the heartache that comes from feeling you’ll never be enough, you know how to champion others’ dreams and ambitions. You’re a role model and an incredible leader. So many look up to you as a guidepost for their own success!

11. Chiron in Aquarius (or the 11th House)

With Chiron in Aquarius, fitting into a group has never been your goal. This isn’t to say that you’re a loner though, you’re actually a social butterfly! As a child, you likely flitted between all of the cliques, spending time with the soccer jocks, the drama club show queens and the National Honor Society nerds on a rotating basis. In your adult life, you’re always the most popular person at the office and in your community. You go to the local coffee shop and everyone knows your name. But still, why can’t you just be normal and have one group chat? The truth is that others look up to you for your progressive social life and wish they were brave enough to step outside their usual friendship zone. You heal through the way you network and connect.

12. Chiron in Pisces (or the 12th House)

You’re always ready to forgive everyone else, but can you forgive yourself? You have the most brilliant creative mind, but with Chiron in Pisces, you’re always judging yourself for being too out there. Sure, you never follow trends, but you have a timeless style. Sure, you don’t know any popular music, but your record collection is to die for. Still, you wish you could just be normal. You also worry that everyone misreads your general optimism and hope for a brighter future as you being naive or a Pollyanna. Trust that your brilliant visions, artistic talent and genuine belief that a better world is possible is what makes you magnetic. You heal others through this great capacity for empathy and care.



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