Self-Care While Self-Distancing: How Model & Actress Charlotte McKinney Does It

During this time of self-distancing, it’s more important than ever that we find time to practice self-care, whether that be getting a home workout in, reading a book or checking in on our mental health.

When PureWow chatted with Charlotte McKinney, we were keen to learn how the model and actress is taking care of herself from the comfort of her home. Here, the 26-year-old Baywatch star explains how she’s been settling into her new normal. Oh, and she shares plenty of tips along the way.

PureWow: How are you practicing self-care throughout this unique time?
Charlotte McKinney: During this time, I’ve been listening to my body, getting some much-needed sleep and really focusing on staying physically and mentally healthy. I believe sleep is key to a healthy immune system. I’ve also been making home cooked meals and staying away from takeout. One of my favorite things to do for self-care is putting on a face mask [McKinney uses one from Dr. Barbara Sturm, $120], as well as using my LED light mask ($110). I do this when I wake up. It’s been nice to have the opportunity to give my skin a rest and avoid wearing makeup.

How have you been staying connected with friends and family? Who have you been FaceTiming with?
I have a very small/tight knit group that I lean on. I speak to my parents and my sister constantly, whether it’s by phone, text or FaceTime. With my two really close girlfriends that I often see, we now FaceTime to keep with social distancing for the time being. I have to admit that it’s nice to have time alone and recharge from the hectic city life.

What has been your favorite way to pass time?
I’ve been making many lists of things I need to do when I’m able to go back to my normal routine. I’m using this time to clean and organize by making piles of things I need to get rid of, things that I no longer use or need. I’m going to eventually donate many items. I’ve continued to keep active by walking by the beach with my Bala bangles ($50) at a distance from others, of course, and working out at-home or by the beach. I’ve also been cooking more often and making healthy meals and snacks. I recently ordered red light heaters for hot yoga and Pilates that can be done in my room, because I love to get a good sweat workout in.

Have you set yourself up with a specific schedule to stay sane?
I’ve created a comfortable schedule that fits me. I wake up and make coffee (which is the best part of the morning since I love coffee). I try to do a 45-minute workout or head for a walk along the beach. After that, I come home and make a healthy lunch. I try to draw these out and take my time to make the most out of my day. If I’m not cleaning, I catch up on my emails, make a list of goals and by the end of the day I start to unwind and chill with a cup of tea. I’ve been watching TV shows and movies more now and reading old scripts I didn’t get a chance to read before, which I’ve been really enjoying.

What are some of your favorite meals you’ve been cooking at home?
I’ve found a new appreciation for cooking. I was never the type of person that cooked frequently but some of the things I’ve been making are turmeric cauliflower rice with crispy veggies (which I heat up in the oven at 450-degrees and add garlic, salt and pepper). I’m focusing on eating as clean and healthy as I always have. I always say that what we eat is important for our immune system. I also squeeze a lemon in everything I drink, whether it’s water or tea.

We’re gonna go ahead and look into setting up a home hot yoga studio…


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