Here's What Entrepreneur and Model Bianca Cheah Eats in a Day to Look (and Feel) Amazing

You know those women you see on Instagram whose lives (and abs and shoulders and legs) induce just a little bit of envy? To us, Bianca Cheah is one of those women. The model, yoga teacher and founder of the digital publication Sporteluxe (not to mention PureWow Coterie member) is as tanned as she is toned, so we were jazzed when she agreed to fill us in on what she eats in a day to stay looking and feeling healthy. We’re taking notes.

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glass of water on a table

7:30 A.m

“I usually wake up and drink a full glass of water, as my body hasn’t had any liquids for nine hours. Being hydrated also makes me more productive and alert.”

8:30 A.m.

“Coffee run with my husband. At the moment I’m buying single shot oat milk lattes, since I’m not a fan of the taste of almond milk and regular milks bloat me.” 

9 A.m.

“I usually fast in the office until lunchtime. I find that fasting makes me more productive and my mind is clearer. I know it doesn’t work for everyone, but it works for me. I make myself a hot cup of chamomile tea a few times during the day. My favorite is Flora soothing chamomile tea. I usually have around three cups a day. I love sipping on hot tea—it helps me focus.”

1:30 P.m.

“Because I’m on a low-histamine diet (I’ve developed an allergy to it), my food is very simple at the moment. That means cooked brown rice with two boiled eggs, tuna and some greens. I also make a glass of water with collagen mixed in and munch on two vitamin C tablets with my collagen water and meal. Apparently collagen only works if it’s mixed with vitamin C, and I swear by this. It’s my go-to every single day.”

3 P.m.

“Snack time! I’ll munch on carrots, watermelon, apple and grapes, because these are all low-histamine foods. It’s hard being on this diet because I’m so used to eating lemon, soy sauce, onions and fermented foods. So I’ve totally flipped my diet on its head, and am only eating foods that I normally don’t eat. So far, my gut has been great, so let's see how the next 30 days go. Happy gut, happy me.”

chicken with vegetables and rice
ASIFE/Getty Images

7:30 P.m.

“Last night, my husband and I grilled chicken with broccolini, asparagus and portobello mushrooms with brown rice—it was delicious. Most nights, we’ll eat some form of protein. I love to marinate our chicken in ginger, gluten-free tamari, garlic, honey and cilantro. (It’s my favorite marinade.) We aren’t big dessert eaters, but I admit on weekends we do like to splurge. Our fave place to splurge is Jon & Vinny’s, an amazing Italian restaurant in L.A.”

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