All the Wellness Stuff We Learned This Year (and Are Totally Practicing in 2019)

Meditation tricks. CBD oil. Boot camp getaways for a better outlook (and a better butt while we’re at it). These are some of the coping methods we learned during a year of self-soothing and self-improvement. Which of these non-boring, anti-stress, productivity-making activities are you hip to?

Weird, Wacky and Way Toning A Report From the Front Lines of L.A. Fitness Trends

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Sometimes You Need A Detox Road Trip

Need help kicking your bad habits to the curb? Whatever your vice, there’s a health retreat within driving distance of Los Angeles where programs are tailored to help you put down the Chardonnay, social media or french fries and achieve a healthier, more balanced lifestyle. In as little as a long weekend, you can feel good in your skin again..


Got 45 Minutes? Take A Salty Nap

Cold and flu season (plus year-round tension headaches) are no match for halotherapy, the practice of relaxing in a spa setting while inhaling micronized salt particles. Storefronts offering the service are opening all over town, and we talked to industry experts about why now is the time for breathing deep.

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Stoned Yoga Is The Turbocharged Chill-out You Need

Can the relaxing effects of cat-cow stretches be heightened by vaping cannabis or sipping THC-laced tea? From the om to Savasana, here’s the story.

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Feeling Angry Or Unsettled? These 4 Questions Will Calm You

Ojai-based spiritual teacher and author Byron Katie is a guru’s guru, lauded by pop seekers such as Oprah Winfrey and Elizabeth Gilbert. She’s come up with four game-changing questions to ask yourself (in writing is best) to deflate the myths we tell ourselves about our world, our friends and ourselves.

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A Rabbi Gave Us Rules For Family Fighting

Rabbi Judy Greenfeld, aka the “Relationship Rabbi,” doles out her wisdom in a way that’s half learned Jewish woman and half Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. One of her most requested duties is to help resolve family conflicts, advising congregants even when the question doesn’t involve religion at all. 


A Self-soothing Technique Called Tapping Can Save You From Crying At Work

When we heard about “tapping,” aka EFT (emotional freedom technique), for the thousandth time (this is L.A., after all), we asked for the lowdown from meditation teacher Kelsey J. Pateland found out how quickly a few well-placed finger swipes can ease our anxiety.

Surely There's Somewhere You Need Cbd, From Your Smoothie To Your Love Life

The non-psychoactive cannabis extract CBD can ease your tension via a few drops in your morning smoothie, a bath bomb in your tub or even your intimate lubricant. What a time to be alive.

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