Your Best Quality, Based on Your Myers-Briggs Type

A few months ago, we told you about your most toxic trait based on your Myers-Briggs type. Kind of a bummer, sure, but it’s always good to know about areas where we can improve, right? To lighten things up a bit, we’ve rounded up your best quality, based on your type. Enjoy.

Your Literary Twin, According to Your Myers-Briggs Type

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ESTJ: Confident

A natural leader and a great decision maker, you’re the one in your friend group to plan happy hours, birthday dinners and girls’ weekends. You’re enthusiastic and sure of yourself—two qualities that mean people are drawn to you like moths to a flame.

ISTJ: Dependable

You’re not spontaneous, and that’s fine. To those around you, you’re a loyal and dependable person. You’re the friend who can keep a secret as well as she can keep a promise, making you a go-to confidant in your circle.

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You feel most at home in a big group of people, and you’re a constant source of encouragement and good vibes among your friends. You're the first call your friends make when they want a night out, and they feel just as comfortable reaching out to you the next morning about how maybe that last tequila soda wasn't necessary.

ISFJ: Protective

Considering how warm and loyal you are, it’s no wonder everyone sees you as a reassuring figure. You’re sure of yourself and your ways, and you have an almost scary-high emotional intelligence. Grounded and level-headed, you’d do anything for the people you love.

ESTP: Magnetic

You’re bold and direct—it’s often what draws people to you. When it comes to conversation, you call it like you see it (for better or for worse). The people closest to you appreciate this kind of honesty, as well as your adventurous and spontaneous go-with-the-flow attitude.

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ISTP: Practical

Logic and practicality are two of your biggest strengths and the reason you’re considered a rock by those around you. Because you act with your head first and heart second, you’re an objective and observant sounding board for your loved ones who might be more prone to emotional decision-making.

ESFP: Life of the Party

You’re a total social butterfly—you’re open, charming and you love a good time. Your go-with-the-flow attitude means you’re not much of a planner, but that’s fine as long as you surround yourself with people who are a touch more practical (cough—ISTP—cough).

ISFP: Laid-Back

The average ISFP is chill and ultra-curious. You eschew structure (and sometimes rules), but you can’t be bogged down by the norm—boring. But lest you think you’re too relaxed, you’re also a warm and supportive friend who brings an almost meditative approach to conversations and relationships.

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ENTJ: Natural Leader

You’re a passionate planner who knows how to get sh*t done. Strong-willed and passionate, you also possess an impressive emotional intelligence, which is why those around you trust you to lead them in the right direction.

INTJ: Level-Headed

As one of the most independent, private and strategic types in the MBTI, you’re not exactly the warm and fuzzy type—which is totally cool (literally). Your sarcasm and dark humor bely an innate ability to listen patiently to your friends’ issues and provide calm, cool and collected feedback.

ENTP: Expert Advice-Giver

As the “debater” of the MBTI, you’re an expert sounding board for everyone else’s ideas. When your opinion is solicited you shine, meaning you should expect to be called on for counsel by the people around you, who trust your ability to see both sides of the coin and make an informed judgement.

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INTP: Eager to Learn

Intellectual and independent, you sometimes have a tendency to get so caught up in your logic. Still, you’re open-minded and curious and are the type of person that immerses themselves in any—and everything—that interests you.

ENFJ: Passionate

Your optimism and energy are unmatched, which makes you a natural leader. You like being in charge, and you’re a wise and charismatic presence. You can be a bit of a dreamer, but as long as you think a little bit before you act, you’ll usually find that your sheer enthusiasm will pay off.

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INFJ: Good Listener

As the resident extroverted introvert, being there for your friends is of utmost importance to you. But while you might find it hard to open up to your many friends, you’re known in your circle as an incredible listener who’s even-tempered, level-headed and non-judgmental.

ENFP: Positive

You’re very popular and friendly, ENFP. You’re known for getting pretty involved in your friends’ lives, and you're contagiously idealistic. Thoughtful and compassionate, you see the best in yourself and others.

INFP: Idealistic

You seek harmony, optimism and a sense of calm and soothing to others. When something captures your imagination, you have a tendency to neglect practical matters and live with your head in the clouds.

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