The 40 Best Peloton Classes Every Subscriber Needs to Take, According to Die-Hard Fans

Oh, Peloton: The little stationary bike that could. If you don’t already drink the Kool-Aid subscribe to the app, you probably know someone who does (considering there are over 4.4 million users worldwide). But even as a seasoned vet, navigating the massive library of classes can be a bit...overwhelming. In addition to the live schedule, there are thousands of on-demand options available to stream, from the OGs in cycling to more recent hits in running, Pilates, yoga, cardio and strength. If you’re curious which ones stand out amongst the sweat, we got you covered. Here are 40 of the best Peloton classes every subscriber (new and old) needs to take, according to passionate fans and fervent followers.

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best peloton classes cycling

Best Cycling Classes

1. 30 Min Beyoncé Two For One Ride With Alex Toussaint & Tunde Oyeneyin

“Two of the best instructors at Peloton + an entire Beyoncé playlist. Enough said.” - Aly O., alytre

“This is a one-time ride that lives on forever and should be a must-do for any and all Pelotoners." – Brynn C., brynncon

2. 30 Min World Mental Health Day Ride With Kendall Toole

“This one was so empowering! It’s a great ride to take after a chaotic day to help release any pent-up emotions. It also addresses such an important topic about the power in progress as well as the ‘it's OK to not be OK all the time’ reminder we all need these days.” - Carly K., cskrauser

3. 45 Min Intervals & Arms Ride With Cody Rigsby

“Personally I love all of Cody’s rides (I only rode with him for the first six months) but he does 30- and 45-minute arms and interval classes which air around 5 p.m. on Wednesdays (if you do it live) and they are amazing. In the words of Cody, ‘grab a water, grab a towel, and get your life together boo.'” - Brynn C., brynncon

4. 20 Min Black History Month: Broadway Ride With Ally Love

“I take this class whenever I need to smile and sing at the top of my lungs. Hamilton, Lion King, Chicago and Hairspray all on the same playlist...give me a break!!!! It's also such a powerful reflection of the impact BIPOC performers, writers and singers have made on Broadway.” - Sami N., SamiInPhilly

5. 30 Min Club Classical Ride With Leanne Hainsby

“This one was an unexpected hit for me! Leanne's Club Classical series is basically the orchestral version of club bangers and pop songs. I thought the lack of lyrics would get boring, but I literally felt like I was riding through the most intense orchestra performance of my life.” - Sami N., SamiInPhilly

6. 30 Min 2010s Ride With Hannah Frankson

“I would recommend any and all of Hannah Frankson’s cycling classes, but this ride takes the cake! I loved how much time we spent out of the saddle. Between resistance and cadence pushes, this class will definitely have your legs a little shaky afterward. And the playlist—top-notch! Putting your hands up in a ‘V’ for victory is all deserved after this ride.” – Erin S., erinmcnick

7. 10 Min Low Impact Ride With Emma Lovewell

"I love the 10-minute low-impact ride by Emma Lovewell featuring Disney hits music. It’s just so fun!" - Becky D., GroomMomma

8. 45 Min 2000s Ride With Kendall Toole

“Best Peloton playlist ever! Kendall reminisced on the memories and lessons she learned from her love life. She matches each song with where she was on her journey. It’s literally the fastest 45-minute Peloton class I’ve ever taken.” – Erin S., erinmcnick

9. 30 Min Justin Bieber Ride With Olivia Amato

"You can relate to Olivia Amato on and off the bike—especially when it comes to our mutual love for Justin Bieber. The 30-minute J. Biebs ride was just what I needed after a long day of virtual meetings. It felt like I was at his concert—I was having so much fun I didn't even realize that I achieved my Best Output badge. When you take an Olivia Amato class you’re guaranteed to PR, every time." Ellen S., pellentons

10. 30 Min The Greatest Showman Ride With Robin Arzón

“I do this ride any time I’m sad and it works wonders. I think I sweat more from dancing and singing than I do from the actual cycling.” - Aly O., alytre

11. 20 Min Classic Rock Ride With Tunde Oyeneyin

“Great music and you can tell Tunde’s actually doing the class with us!” - Angie C., tinycatsintinyhats

12. 30 Min Backstreet Boys Ride With Cody Rigsby

“OK, yes, this is old school Peloton, but this ride is EVERYTHING. I legit LOLed on this ride so many times that it never felt like a workout. By the end, you'll definitely be smiling and sweaty, and you might even agree with Cody that Kevin is the hottest BSB member.” - Ali G., AliKropf

13. 30 Min Club Bangers Ride With Alex Toussaint

“These are my all-time favorite! Alex is a gem and if you miss going out to places with DJs playing the perfect mix of old school meets new school dance music THIS IS FOR YOU. Alex cracks you up the entire time and it is for sure to get you in the mood to work out if you’re having an off day." - Brynn C., brynncon

14. 30 Min Post Malone Ride With Ally Love

“This is my dig-in-and-grind-through-it ride. An epic soundtrack from Post Malone + Ally's insane hills and intervals = a PR and a class I will absolutely be returning to next time I want to WORK.” - Sami N., SamiInPhilly

15. 45 Min Pop Ride With Cody Rigsby

“I will never let a Cody pop ride show up on my dashboard and not take it. Every class has a theme (this one was intergenerational women) and had bops from Ariana Grande, Beyoncé, Little Mix, Cher and more. He also makes every class fly by with rants about kitten heels, the lack of respect for JC Chasez and Arby's. I'm obsessed.” - Sami N., SamiInPhilly

“All of Cody’s 45 or 30-minute pop or XOXO rides are EPIC. They give me the energy I need in the morning or after a long day at work. He also always throws in Dua Lipa and she is my absolute favorite.” – Charlotte S., charbucks

16. 30 Min Hiit Ride With Leanne Hainsby

“My other favorite cycle instructor is Leanne. Her 30-minute HIIT rides are all you need for a killer workout! At the end, when she says the ride is ‘done & dusted’ I feel so accomplished.” – Charlotte S., charbucks

17. 30 Min Britney Spears Ride With Cody Rigsby

“Basically every Cody Rigsby ride ever, but my all-time favorite class of his is the 30-minute Britney Spears ride.” - Shireen K., shireenkaboli

"Cody is just a great time. His Britney Spears class is iconic" - Erika M.

18. 45 Min 5-year Anniversary Ride With Alex Toussaint

“Yep, I definitely cried on this one (and for once, it wasn't just from the sweat pouring down my face). Hearing about Alex's journey from cleaning the floor of a cycling studio to literally being the king of Peloton was exactly the motivation I needed to power through this insanely hard 45-minute class.” - Sami N., SamiInPhilly

19. 30 Min 90s Pop Ride With Ally Love

“This class was absolutely amazing between the music and the structure I didn’t want it to end! We walked, jogged then ran to the Spice Girls and *NSYNC (only the best of 90s pop). Ally’s positive vibes and inspiration made getting through a three and a half minute segment at 103 cadence actually possible. Hands down one of the best classes I’ve taken and bookmarked so I can continue to take it in the future.” – Erin S., erinmcnick

20. 60 Min My Mixtape Ride With Jenn Sherman

“I’m an avid SoulCycle turned Peloton user and Jen Sherman’s series rides are everything. She does different themes throughout the year but they drop every Sunday and always have the best chill variety of music for the perfect Sunday vibe. She’s doing a mixtape theme now but I also loved her guilty pleasures and cover-to-cover series.” - Erika M.

21. 30 Min Women's History Month Celebration Ride With Tunde Oyeneyin

“One of the most powerful rides I've ever taken. Tunde revealed her GORGEOUS short hair and encouraged us to do the thing that scares us in order to free ourselves from it. I walked away from this one feeling like a capable, strong, badass superwoman.” - Sami N., SamiInPhilly

22. 30 Min Xoxo, Cody: Festive Fantasy Ride With Cody Rigsby

“This class is holiday-themed and thus technically out-of-season, but I still find myself returning to it all the time. It gives me pure joy to listen to Cody bash the seasonal aisle at CVS. Like, I'm smiling just thinking about it.” - Sami N., SamiInPhilly

best peloton classes bootcamp1

Best Bike Bootcamp Classes

23. 45 Min Black History Month: Icons Bootcamp With Jess Sims

"This is a great class because Jess really shines with her love for Kobe Bryant and basketball. Her inner athlete comes out and she shares great stories from her life growing up as an athlete and playing basketball in college. Jess also always has AMAZING playlists that she sings along to during every class. Jess's bootcamps are always my go-to when I want a challenge, but also want to have fun getting that ‘glazed donut look’ she’s famous for trademarking." - Leah D., Missdunlap17

24. 30 Min Bootcamp: Full Body With Tunde Oyeneyin

“Any 30 or 45-minute bootcamp class with Tunde. The classes are the best mix of cardio and strength, and Tunde makes sure to jam pack as much as possible within a small time frame.” - Aly O., alytre

25. 45 Min Bring The Heat Bootcamp With Cody Rigsby

“I love a good bike bootcamp! It’s a great way to get two workouts in one. If you are looking for a combination of cycling and upper body strength this class is for you. Oh, and not to mention, who doesn’t love Cody?—xoxo boo!” – Erin S., erinmcnick

best peloton classes strength

Best Strength Classes

26. 10 Min Arms & Light Weights With Tunde Oyeneyin

“Ten hard can it be? Oh, just wait. Tunde drops a new 10-minute arms class at the start of every month, but this one is my favorite. Two minutes in and you'll already be feeling it. I just kept telling myself if I keep at it, one day I'll have arms like Tunde (a girl can dream).” - Ali G., AliKropf

27. 30 Min Strength For Runners With Becs Gentry

"I got super into running this year and enrolled in a half marathon so I wanted to do targeted strength training and these couldn't be more specific. Becs is such a positive, motivating and talented instructor and makes 7 a.m. workouts so much more fun #BecsBeasts." - Olivia K., livkappler

28. 20 Min Upper Body Strength With Robin Arzón

“I like any of her strength classes. She has a good range of levels from easier to difficult and does a great job of clearly explaining each exercise so it can be done safely. I’m a 53-year-old woman and I love the options on Peloton.” - Becky D., GroomMomma

29. 15 Min Women's History Month: Pop Core Strength With Olivia Amato

“It’s quick and efficient. What more could you ask for?” Ellen S., pellentons

30. 30 Min Wicked Full Body Strength With Matty Maggiacomo

“It was a good workout and the musical nerd in me loved the show tunes. Also, Matty asked trivia questions and told fun anecdotes about the musical the whole time which distracted me during the hard stuff!” - Katherine H., knhepinstall

31. 20 Min Core For Runners With Becs Gentry

"There are so many Peloton strength classes to choose from, but I absolutely love all of the strength for runners classes with Becs Gentry! They are perfect to do before a run because they are designed to activate all of the muscle groups you use while running. They're quick and low impact which I absolutely love––I get enough impact from the running portion of my workout. Pro tip: You can use the stacking feature to build out your workout ahead of time. So, for example, sometimes I’ll stack a warm-up run, an interval run, a cool-down run and a strength class. This way they’re queued up and ready to go right when the previous one ends.” - Jane L., janeleverich

best peloton classes yoga

Best Yoga Classes

32. 20 Min Focus Flow: Hips With Ross Raybrun

“When my hips are feeling tight, this is the class I turn to because I get a really deep stretch and my hips feel amazing after. Really any of Ross’s targeted classes are great because they focus on a specific pose or body part. So if you want to dial in on your hamstrings or perfect your chest openers, there’s a class for that.” - Megan P., meganpeters

33. 30 Min Holiday Broadway Yoga Flow With Ross Raybrun

“This one is obviously seasonal but it’s so much fun! It has a great flow and music selection to get you in the holiday spirit. Plus, I’m just a happier human after.” - Megan P., meganpeters

best peloton classes pilates

Best Pilates Classes

34. 10 Min Pilates With Hannah Corbin

“This Pilates class is killer for an inner/outer thigh workout. It’s short with simple movements and always leaves you with such a good burn.” - Carly K., cskrauser

Best Stretching Classes

35. 10 Min Foam Rolling: Hamstrings With Hannah Corbin

“I do this stretch at least 2-3 times a week. I do her quads and glute foam rolling classes on the other days. It's made a huge difference in how my legs feel after a workout and there's something soothing about Hannah's voice. It's the perfect way to relax before I officially end my workout and start my day.” - Ali G., AliKropf

Best Cardio Classes

36. 15 Min Hiit Cardio With Olivia Amato

“Olivia is one of my favorite instructors, so if I don’t have a lot of time to work out, I’ll put on this 15-minute cardio class. No matter how many times I’ve done it, it never gets easier, and I always end it feeling strong and sweaty.” - Megan P., meganpeters

best peloton classes running

Best Running Classes

37. 45 Min Intervals Run With Becs Gentry (tread)

"I don't own a Peloton bike or Tread but I recently downloaded the app so that I could access the classes (specifically the running classes) and I absolutely love it! My favorite instructor is Becs Gentry­—she is so inspiring and adds so much energy to every class! Her interval runs are my favorite­—they're super hard but so much fun and they've definitely helped me as a runner!" - Jane L., janeleverich

38. 20 Min Punk Rock Run With Chase Tucker (outdoor)

"It’s perfect for when you want to squeeze in a quick run and has amazing angsty teen songs to bring you right back to the early 2000s." - Sarah T.

39. 30 Min Pop Fun Run With Chase Tucker (outdoor)

"This one also has an amazing but more current playlist. I honestly just love Chase's runs because he's super encouraging and makes you actually push yourself instead of just coasting at the same pace." - Sarah T.

40. 30 Min Pop Run With Jess Sims (outdoor)

“As Jess Sims says, this run is cute. That's code for it's going to kick your butt but make you smile the whole time. The music is pure cheese and Jess's take on Jojo is everything, but you'll likely hit some of your fastest miles if you follow her lead.” - Ali G., AliKropf

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