We Found All of the Best Jump Ropes on Amazon, From $9 to $52

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We're four months into the new year, which means that all of those shiny New Year's resolutions we made at its start may be getting harder and harder to follow through on as their novelty begins to wear off. But don't give up just yet—if your goals are health related, there is a fun, convenient and not too pricey way to amp up your workout routine that will have you harkening back to your early days on the playground. Yep, we're talking about a trusty jump rope, which can be an extremely useful tool to help you get in shape—if you invest in the right one. We've done the hard work for you to suss out 12 of the best jump rope options on Amazon, whether you're looking for a weighted jump rope to help with conditioning and stamina or a double Dutch jump rope for a blast from the past.

The Best Jump Ropes on Amazon at a Glance

10 Benefits of Jumping Rope That Go Way Beyond Burning Calories

best jump rope proud panda

1. Proud Panda Weighted Jump Rope

Best Weighted Jump Rope

  • The Facts: Polyester, 2 pounds to 5.4 pounds, 9.2 to 9.9 feet long

We're all about working smarter, not harder, and according to Proud Panda, this weighted jump rope will help you burn calories at five times the efficiency of a normal one. You can choose the weight that works best for you (these run between 2 pounds and 5.4 pounds), and while the tightly woven material is thick and durable, it won't hurt your hands, since it also comes with cushy, soft handles.

jump ropes cool runner

2. Coolrunner Double Dutch Jump Rope

Best Double Dutch Jump Rope

  • The Facts: Nylon and polyurethane, 1 pound, up to 17.2 feet long

Throw it back to the playground days with this set of colorful double dutch jump ropes. They come with an easy-to-adjust rope if you need more or less length, durable beads that will help you keep rhythm and a no-slip groove design at the handle so as not to throw your jumper off their game.

jump ropes cyber

3. Cyberdyer Cordless Jump Rope

Best Cordless Jump Rope

  • The Facts: PVC, .46 pounds, rotating handles

Long gone will be the days of getting your rope all tangled up (or worse, tripping over it) with this convenient cordless jump rope, which will enable you to workout in just about any indoor space you can think of. As an added bonus, there'll be no fear of it slipping out of your hands and sending the balls flying thanks to the sweat-resistant memory foam handles that rotate a full 360 degrees for a simple and fast workout.

jump ropes will

4. Willgoo Jump Rope

Best Heavy Jump Rope

The Facts: Alloy and polyurethane, 1 pound, 8 inches to 9 feet 6 inches long

Weighing in at 1 pound, this jump rope is on the heavier side to help your burn more calories and build more muscle at a faster rate, according to the company. Its metal core, meanwhile, is designed to give you nice, even rotation. Its main draw, however, is the fact that not only can you choose between four sizes to best suit your height, you can adjust the rope if you get it wrong with the included Allen keys and screws.

jump ropes huey

5. Huey Boxing Jump Rope

Best Leather Jump Rope

The Facts: Leather, .34 pounds, 9 feet 5 inches long

Channel your inner Rocky Balboa as you increase your foot coordination with this heavy-duty leather jump rope that’s made for professionals. The super lightweight design (.34 pounds) and foam handles will help you get speed and reduce the strain on your hands, and there are steel ball bearings for an even, precise and effortless rotation.

best jump ropes on amazon amble

6. Amble Jump Rope

Best Beginner Jump Rope

  • The Facts: Amble and PVC, .3 pounds, 9 feet long

Alternately, this jump rope is ideal for beginners, as it reportedly corrects its shape as it swings thanks to its balanced PVC beads, which wrap strategically around the nylon rope. What's more, they won't hurt if they happen to hit you while you're getting in the "swing" of things (pun intended), and the noise will be a godsend for the rhythm impaired. Its anti-slip handles fit perfectly in your hand, and we love the vibrant, fun color, too.

jump ropes doulla

7. Doulla Jump Rope With Counter

Best Jump Rope With Counter

  • The Facts: LCD display, .30 pounds, 9.5 feet long

This one takes jumping rope to the next level with the easy-to-read LCD display, which tracks your calories burnt, count time, set weight and amount of circles jumped, so you can get a handle on all the exercise you’re getting in.You can use it as a corded, weighted jump rope or opt for a cordless experience—you can even choose to customize the length to your height, all without cutting your cords.

jump ropes redify

8. Redify Jump Rope

Most Versatile Jump Rope

  • The Facts: Nylon and PVC, .46 pounds to .58 pounds, 10 feet long

This jump rope set is unique, as it allows you to switch between a plastic rope material and a cotton one, both of which will be great for training. Since both cords are less than 1 pound, they'll move freely and be suitable for a wide range of fitness levels. The silicone grips also result in reduced friction, taking us back to that whole, "work smarter, not harder" thing.

jump ropes cc

9. Cc Studio Jump Rope

Best Plastic Jump Rope

  • The Facts: Silicone, 1 pound, up to 9 feet long

Of all of the jump ropes we found, this one, which comes with stylish, non-slip silicone handles, was by far the cutest. And sometimes, that's all the motivation you need to want to use your workout equipment! It's easily adjustable thanks to the included clips, and it's made with a fairly durable material, too, so it won't wind up in the trash after a few months.

jump ropes powerfeng

10. Powerfeng Jump Rope

Best Exercise Jump Rope

  • The Facts: PVC, 9.8 feet long

For a jump rope that’s great for indoor and outdoor training, such as crossfit, you need look no further than this option from Powerfeng. Between its adjustable length and steady swing, it's got everything you need to get in your daily reps. The ergonomic handles are also built for comfort, no matter how hard you're jumping. What's more, you can choose between several different colors that’ll help you get into the workout mood.

jump ropes tan1

11. Tangram Rookie Jump Rope

Best Smart Jump Rope

  • The Facts: Polypropylene, .52 pounds, smart tracker

Technology has blessed us yet again when it comes to this advanced, battery-powered jump rope that allows you to keep track of your calories burnt, time elapsed, monthly jumping history and rankings among those using its accompanying app. You can even challenge others to competitions! It has a rope that doesn’t need to be cut in order to adjust the length and the company claims its included coin battery will last you up to nine months.

jump ropes buddy

12. Buddy Lee Jump Rope

Best Speed Jump Rope

  • The Facts: Stainless-steel, .66 pounds, 8 feet to 8 feet 6 inches long

Designed for elite athletes and intense training, this high-quality jump rope is worth the price tag. At .6 pounds, it's light enough for you to swing with wild abandon, especially since its patented swivel bearings reportedly allow for a whopping six turns per second. The aluminum handles are built to last, too. (Note: This rope cannot be adjusted, so be sure to follow the guide when choosing the right size for your height.)

Jump Rope Benefits

Aside from all the fun you can have with a jump rope, it can provide one of the best ways to check "cardio" off your weekly exercise regime. And while you probably could have guessed that it's great for strengthening muscles in your legs (not to mention burning calories), you may not know that jumping rope can also help to improve your balance and hand and foot coordination. As such, experts recommend jumping rope for at least 150 minutes of cardio a week, or around 20 minutes day, for the full results. Luckily, it can be done practically anywhere and doesn't take up a whole ton of space, making it easier to get those hops in.

How to Use a Jump Rope

Jumping rope is a simple enough, as you probably remember from grade school: Simply hold a handle in each hand and let the rope lie flat on the floor behind your feet before swinging your wrists over your head, bending your knees and then hopping over. You can repeat this motion until you get a nice sweat going. Once you master that, there's a whole new world to explore, with tons of fancy tricks to learn make your workout a bit more exciting.

How Long Should a Jump Rope Be?

Although many jump ropes are adjustable in length, the one that works best for you will depend on your height. For the ideal length, the ends of the ropes should reach your armpits when you step into the center (experts recommend choosing one that's 3 feet taller than your height). Another good rule of thumb? You'll know it's a bit too short if it keeps hitting your feet. And if it drags along the ground? It's probably a bit too long.

What to Look for in a Jump Rope

Thickness: In general, thin jump ropes are better for speed, while thicker ropes, which are more durable, are good for building strength.

Weight: Beginners are recommended to use a jump rope that's got some weight to it—around half a pound to 1.5 pounds—as it it's easier to get a feel for where the rope is in the air at this weight.


  • Nylon: A common, cost-effective material for jump ropes, nylon comes in fun colors and offers good control. It'll also hurt less if it happens to hit your legs. Given its cheapness, however. it's not exactly made for longevity.
  • Plastic: This jump rope material makes a clicking sound that can be helpful for newbies looking to find their rhythm. They also have a nice weight for muscle building. They're not build for speed though, making them a poor choice if that's your area of focus.
  • Leather: Geared toward professionals (Muhammad Ali is rumored to have used one), leather jump ropes help enhance the quickness with which your legs move, as well as your coordination. They're not particularly noisy when they hit the ground, so they may not be the best choice for beginners, and they also tend to be pricey, but they'll last a good long while.

Types of Jump Ropes

  • Weighted jump rope: As the name implies, weighted jump ropes are made to be a bit heavier. In addition to helping to build muscle, this can slow the jumping process down, forcing you to focus on timing and form.

  • Cordless jump rope: A cordless jump rope consists of two handles with rubber balls attached to strings that are less than a foot long to mimic the weight you'd get from a regular jump rope. While the cardio work is considered to be the same, and they can be a great alternative to the real deal when dealing with a small space, you'll lose out on the balance- and coordination-building that comes from jumping regular rope.

  • Speed jump rope: Designed specifically for athletic competition, speed jump ropes are extremely lightweight and fast, weighing roughly 1 ounce. As such, won't get the same resistance and exertion that you would with a regular jump rope—something that's obviously not idea if you're trying to buff up your arms.

  • Double Dutch jump rope: These are longer than your average line (12 to 64 feet), making it easier for more than one person to get to hopping.

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