We’re all guilty of it—maybe splurging on a great pair of leggings, but then not investing in the proper workout equipment. So consider gifting on of the best fitness gifts on the market: a piece of design-forward exercise equipment, say, or a collapsible water bottle or perhaps a tingle-inducing self-massage apparatus. Then your bestie, your lover, your mom, dad or kids, or whoever you gifted will repay you with a stressless smile and a heartfelt “thank you” once they use it.

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1. Theragun Mini (Red)

Percussive therapy is a hit (no pun intended) of the fitness community since it allows a user to give themselves massage therapy on an as-needed basis. Three speeds of pulsing last up to 150 minutes on one charge.

Buy It ($199)


2. Bangles, Set of 2

It’s a marriage between fashion accessories and hand weights. This weight set can be adjusted to fit on wrists or ankles and worn to heighten any number of workouts, from yoga to running to walks around the block.

Buy It ($49)


3. Bala T2 The Power Ring

At 10 pounds, this happy coated metal ring is suitable for more than 75 unique movements from squats to lunges. “This is a great shape for exercises that you would have done with a kettlebell or free weight,” says one user. “It keeps the weight distributed evenly if you’re moving it around, but it’s also nice to hold onto if you’re isolating your bottom half.”

Buy It ($85)


4. Equipt Midnight Ubarre

In four- and eight-pound sizes, this gets our vote for chicest workout accessory. Made of matte black metal, at 14 inches tall and 11 inches wide this looks more like a sculpture than a kettle bell, so you can keep it on display in your living room without it looking like a gym.

Buy It ($149)


5. Lululemon Waterbottle Crossbody

As outdoor temperatures rise on summertime trails, you don’t want to set off without proper hydration. Made of lightweight water-repellent fabric, you cinch your water bottle inside and you’re good to go.

Buy It ($38)


6. The Mirror

If your giftee wants to create a home workout center out of nothing more than a bare wall, splash out with The Mirror. This sleek wall mirror was on Oprah’s Favorite Things list and put at-home smart mirrors on the map, complete with Bluetooth-enabled heart rate monitor, and thousands of classes in strength, pre/postnatal, chair, stretch, barre, yoga, boxing, kickboxing, Pilates, family fun, dance, cardio and toning.

Buy It ($1,495)


7. Gaiam 4 MM Yoga Mat

Just cushy enough to be comfortable, this mat has a light tack non-slip surface. It’s Latex- and phthalate-free, so you’re not exposed to irritants while you’re focusing on your proper form.

Buy It ($22)

Bed Bath & Beyond

8. Pure Fitness 40 LB. Adjustable Weight Vest in Black

This Velcro-fastened vest has 40 individual weights to add and subtract for your giftee’s runs, HIIT workouts and general bad assery.

Buy It ($120)


9. Glo 910+ with Phototherapy and 4 Treatment Heads

Improve your circulation as well as the appearance of cellulite with this combination light therapy and topical massage device. Using this for 15 minutes a day can improve life in your legs, as well as the way they look in shorts, in a few days’ time.

Buy It ($299)


10. P.volve Signature Set

This three-piece set of resistance bands and fitness ball is the cornerstone of the P.volve fitness method which devotees love for reducing everyday pain, improving athletic performance and increasing strength.

Buy It ($135)


11. Gaiam Restore Loop Band Kit

Sometimes simple design makes the most effective exercise equipment of all—for example this set of light, medium and heavy resistance bands. It comes with a downloadable exercise guide, but just slide this up onto your thighs and do three sets of eight squats…that’s worth the cost right there.

Buy It ($15)


12. JumpSport 250 In Home Cardio Fitness Rebounder

Is your giftee wanting to get fit after falling away from exercise for a while? Give them a jump start (yep, we went there) on weight loss and cardio health with this mini trampoline that users say lets them work up a sweat without putting too much stress on their joints.

$269 at Amazon


13. Higherdose Infrared Sauna Blanket V3

This is a game-changer for chronic muscle pain and body tension—a non-toxic sauna blanket that is inset with a layer of healing amethyst and tourmaline, as well as layers of clay and charcoal to generate negative ions and a charcoal layer to heighten detoxification. Users lay back for as little as 15 minutes inside this Velcro-closure heated blanket and voila, deep comfort.

Buy It ($499)


14. The Backmate Power Roller

If your giftee likes using a foam roller for tightness and soreness in their back, hips, neck and more, super-power their relief with a vibrating, rechargeable roller that reduces muscle pain and cramping better than static rollers, as well as aid in constipation relief and increased circulation to recover faster.

Buy It ($99)


15. Tangram Smart Rope Led

The classic jump rope gets a high-tech makeover with this smart rope that has shiny metal handles and LED lights that display your workout stats in real time during your workout. You can even track your workouts with the makers’ mobile fitness platform.

Buy It ($80)


16. Daily Practice by Anthropologie Posture Perfect Large Stability Ball

Anyone who’s working on their posture will love this attractive linen-covered stability ball that can be used as a chair for WFH and a support for crunches during her workout. (Or, a person can just lie back on it to stretch, no judgement.)

Buy It ($50)


17. Sweat With Becs Abs For Days Roller

An ideal gift for someone who’s always wanted eight-pack abs, this innocuous little roller really demands pulling top, lower and lateral core muscles tight to roll forward and back.

Buy It ($36)


18. Powerdot Uno 2.0

This little muscle recovery tool connects sensors to your phone via Bluetooth and has 12 muscle stimulation patterns to massage out knots, avoid training fatigue, relieve soreness and even warm up muscles to prevent injury.

Buy it ($199)


19. Lululemon Fast and Free Run Belt

Every runner knows that their running belt must be comfortable; this one is made of sweat-wicking materials that are stretchy to reduce bounce and reflective, to keep you safe when running at dawn, dusk and beyond.

Buy It ($38)


20. Bosu Pro Balance Trainer

No matter what the fitness discipline, from spinning to sprinting, it’s all about having a fit set of core muscles. That’s the genius of this dome, which is ideal for making standing exercises even more challenging while trying to stay balanced atop it. You can even use it to sit on, keeping an ultra-straight back of course, during your arm routine.

$140 at Amazon


21. Dr. Brite Calming Yoga Mat Cleaner Bundle

Make sure yoga mats are clean with this dedicated cleansing system made of witch hazel and five percent isopropyl alcohol along with relaxing lavender and antimicrobial thyme essential oils. A quick spritz of this on your weights, mat and other fitness equipment at the end of your session make the experience fresh smelling.

Buy It ($40)

Best Buy

22. Apple Watch SE (GPS) 40mm Gold Aluminum Case with Pink Sand Sport Band

Sensors track all your fitness and workout goals, and there’s a big retina display to let you see your heartrate and other metrics easily in mid-workout. There’s even a sleep app that allows users to set and keep to a bedtime app, and let you track your sleep.

Buy It ($279)


23. Gaiam Restore Hot & Cold Foot Roller

Ready to blast your giftee to infinity and beyond, pleasure-wise? This foot roller is made to submerge in a bowl of hot water or pop into the freezer before being used as an ergonomic foot massager. Gift this with CBD body balm to rub on first.

Buy It ($15)


24. Treadly 2 Pro

Our reviewer loves this portable treadmill that lives under her couch. The latest model has an illuminated workout display and a powerful Bluetooth speaker—and users love the Treadly walking community that chats while everyone takes their walk together.

Buy it ($849)


25. Halfmoon Hand-Hammered Brass Singing Bowl

This is the meditation upgrade that someone wouldn’t purchase for themselves (and being gifted it makes it that much more resonant). Strike this four-inch bowl then trace the wand around its lip for a sound aid to really jump right into a meditative state.

Buy It ($78; $47)


26. Daily Practice by Anthropologie Glide & Sculpt Glider Disc Set

Your hand will slide right over hardwood floors and carpets using these gliders that make planking, piking and all manner of floor exercises easier. Also—the terrazzo pattern is trending in interior design, so they’re cute enough to leave laying around.

Buy It ($32)


27. Kyoma Instructional Cork Yoga Mat

With 63 illustrations of stretches and 63 drawings of yoga poses, this mat is a game-changing gift for anyone who is experiencing back or muscle pain, or a yoga newbie who needs visual cues. And the slip-resistant finish is great for everyone.

Buy It ($72; $43)


28. My Roller Massage Stick

The ten rotating wheels will help loosen tight muscles, and when used during a vigorous massage during a little body oil post shower, it really reduces the appearance of cellulite.

Buy It ($39)


29. Que Collapsible Water Bottle

Genius invention alert—this food-grade silicone water bottle squishes down to a mini-size when empty but holds 20 ounces when you pull it out to its maximum size. It’s solved one of the eternal issues of hiking—how to avoid the hassle of lugging around an empty water bottle once you’ve glugged all the fluids.

Buy It ($25)


30. B. Yoga Freedom Wheel

Open your heart, chest and shoulders with this cork-covered wheel. (We’re gifting this to our pal who needs this as a reminder to stetch before bed for a better night’s rest.)

Buy It ($65; $39)


31. AKYEN Dip Station Dip Bar Adjustable Workout Parallel Bars

With 300 pounds capacity, this steel contraption sits on rubber feet that guarantee it will remain stable while you’re crushing those dips and knee lifts. Bonus: It works great for barre or ballet workouts, too.

$80 at Amazon

Dick's Sporting Goods

32. Century Strive Medicine Ball

This sand-weighted 10-pounder is going to make all her ab exercises that much more…fulfilling if she’s holding this while she lifts, twists and bends.

Buy It ($37)

Dick's Sporting Goods

33. Marcy 40lb. Cast Iron Dumbbell Set

Four five-pound weights, the same number of three-pound weights and two chrome-plated dumbbell handles come in a carrying case for tidy storage. (You know, in case your giftee isn’t doing reps morning, noon and night.)

Buy It ($100)

MYX Fitness

34. The MYX Plus

This sleek spin bike comes with a whole weight set including a kettle bell, mats to stabilize the bike and to do floor exercises on and a foam roller. Your gift recipient will be able to follow along with hundreds of new workouts each week, in living sweaty color on the 21.5-in touch screen.

Buy It ($1,499)

Dick's Sporting Goods

35. Harbinger Women's 5” Foam Core Belt

Does your friend fancy herself Ms. Universe? This cute pink belt makes sure her back and abdomen are properly supported when she’s deadlifting multiples of her body weight.

Buy It ($35)

Dick's Sporting Goods

36. Body Solid 3-in-1 Wooden Plyo Box

Step-ups, single leg squats and more are doable with this super-strong wooden box that’s got three heights to utilize: 20”, 24” and 30”. And no days off—there are exercise outlined right on the side of the box in case you want to mix things up.

Buy It ($220)


37. Nordal Yoga Bolster

Pre-workout stretching and post-workout relaxation are elevated when you can lay back on this dusky pink bolster. It’s so cute hung on the wall when you’re not using it too.

Buy It ($42; $25)

Alo Yoga


It’s the small indulgences that count—because reaching for a super-cute and colorful hand microfiber towel that’s engineered in be extra absorbent is going to be her moment of zen in an otherwise high-energy workout.

Buy It ($24)

Dick's Sporting Goods

39. Hydro Flask Wide Mouth 32 oz. Bottle

A hibiscus-colored wide mouth flask that holds 32 ounces is all the motivation she needs to keep hydrated.

Buy It ($45)


40. Still Point Inducer for Tension Headache Relief

Anyone who has ever known stress will appreciate this hard little peanut-shaped massager. It lets you press down a bit (or HARD) as you position it just so under your upper back and neck. Users immediately feel a release of energy, or a loosening of spasming muscles or a pleasant just-this-side-of-dizzy lightness. (Sign us up!)

$17 at Amazon


41. NewMe Fitness Journal for Women & Men

Go analog on your fitness goals with this spiral notebook that has columns for you to track your weight loss, muscle gain, gym and bodybuilding progress, as well as your biometrics from digital fitness trackers. Just having this around the house is enough to goad us into getting up off our couch.

$15 at Amazon


42. Alexanta Exercise Dice

Make a game of mixing up your fitness routine with these multi-sided dice that command you perform “1 Minute Plank” or “25 Calf Raises” or (shudder) “15 lunges.”

$24 at Amazon


43. Perfect Fitness Perfect Pushup Elite

These little handles slightly rotate your hands during a pushup, so that you can engage more muscles as well as make every inch of your downward movement count. Seem impossible? You can start with your knees down until your increase your strength.

$29 at Amazon


44. Recovery Air

You could call these remote-controlled, air-filled pantaloons. Or a heavenly, self-directed leg massage that helps massage soreness out of your muscles. Both would be true. (Note—this is a slam-dunk gift for anyone who’s training for a marathon, because miles = tired, sore legs).

Buy It ($699)


45. Tempo Studio

This home exercise studio is not only gorgeous enough to display in your living room but also comes with a set of weights, foam roller, exercise mat and heart rate monitor. But the real added value is the machine’s AI functionality that actually reads your biometrics and corrects your form in real time. Our reviewer seriously loved it.

Buy It ($2,495)

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