11 Surprising Benefits of Sleeping Naked (Hello, Better Skin)

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Listen, we love a good pajama set as the next person. They’re comfy, cozy and make us feel like we have our lives together, you know? But are the folks who sleep sans clothing onto something? Does sleeping naked have legitimate health benefits, or is it simply a sexier way to hit the hay? We reviewed the research and learned that there are indeed quite a few benefits of sleeping naked. Read on for the full scoop.

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1. It can keep you cool and comfortable

If your body temperature is too high, tossing and turning at night is pretty much guaranteed. Swap the flannel pajamas for your birthday suit so you’re less likely to get hot and bothered (in a bad way) when you’re between the sheets. And you know that unpleasant feeling when your oversized sleep shirt gets all twisted and bunched up? That, too, will be a thing of the past if you sleep in the buff.

2. It could help you fall asleep faster

Most folks find that sleeping naked just feels better (see above). Though this one isn’t scientific, per se, we all know it’s much easier to fall asleep when you are feeling comfy.

3. It could improve your overall sleep

For optimal sleep quality, the temperature of your bedroom should be between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit. In fact, a 2012 study published in the Journal of Physiological Anthropology found that feeling overheated at night can disrupt circadian rhythms, increase wakefulness and reduce both rapid eye movement and slow wave sleep. Of course, stripping down won’t change the temperature of the room, but it will lower your body temperature—the critical factor here—and potentially your energy bill, too, since you can’t blast the a/c for free, friends. The end result may very well be a better night’s sleep.

4. It could help prevent yeast infections

Yep, staying cool is the key to quality sleep and a well-balanced vagina, too—namely because yeast thrives in moist, warm environments, and things can get pretty toasty between your legs when you’re wearing PJs (or even just underwear) in bed. Bottom line: You’re far less likely to suffer from a gross and itchy yeast infection if you let your nether regions have a breath of fresh air at night.

5. It could increase male fertility

For couples who are hoping to conceive, wearing tighty whities at night isn’t doing you any favors. Research shows that, much like the vagina, your guy’s nether regions benefit from fresh air and cooler temps, and the opposite can have a significant impact on fertility. In other words, guys who go commando under the covers (and their baby-making partners) benefit from healthier, happier and more plentiful sperm.

6. It could promote relaxation and reduce anxiety

If you’ve had a stressful day, sleeping naked next to your S.O. may be one of the best ways to unwind. According to the Sleep Foundation, “Partners who spend time engaging in skin-to-skin contact are more likely to feel less stressed” due to the release of oxytocin, a hormone that “promotes feelings of safety and love while reducing anxiety.”  

7. It could boost confidence

Another benefit of sleeping naked is that it can give you a serious confidence boost. It might feel a little funny at first, but going to bed nude is actually a great way to acclimate yourself to the practice of self-love. Per the Sleep Foundation, spending time naked with someone else is particularly good for your overall body image and self-esteem.

8. It could increase libido

Sleeping naked can increase your sex drive—’cause, well, everyone’s a little more likely to think about doing the dirty when they’re wearing the right attire (i.e., none at all).

9. It could improve partner intimacy

Yes, sleeping naked can increase your libido, which means you’re either more likely to enjoy a party for one or, if you’re in a relationship, a two-person tango between the sheets. Needless to say, sexual intimacy plays an important role in romantic relationships, but there are often peaks and valleys in that department. For couples who are currently in a valley, so to speak, sleeping in the nude might bring back the hot, sweaty sex you remember from the honeymoon phase and the emotional closeness that comes with it.

10. It could speed up your metabolism

Your libido isn’t the only thing that can get kicked into high gear when you sleep naked. In case you missed it, your body temperature when asleep has a major impact on quite a few things, and (you guessed it) your metabolism is one of them. For starters, studies—like this one published in a 2011 issue of Sleep and Breathing—have established that poor or insufficient sleep is associated with obesity and weight gain. Plus, our bodies burn more calories when the temperature is cooler, so you do the math.

11. It could improve your skin

Like many of the benefits on our list, this one really just boils down to the fact that better sleep makes pretty much everything better, your skin included. This 2014 study published in Clinical and Experimental Dermatology is one of many to confirm that quality sleep has a significant impact on skin barrier function and signs of aging. Given that the expert says sleeping naked can improve sleep quality and better sleep makes for a glowy complexion, it stands to reason that a naked night’s sleep could help you get a little closer to achieving your skincare goals. (Hint: If a=b and b=c, then a=c…or something.)

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