The Swedish Trick to Sleeping Better Makes So Much Damn Sense

swedish sleep trick

In the last ten years we’ve learned a lot of wonderful life hacks from our Scandi friends: the coziness of hygge, the decadence of—shock!—a blended oatmeal, the delight of afternoon fika. Perhaps the Swedes just know how to do life better (psst: and the after life). So when we learned that they also have a hot tip for better sleep, we were all ears.

What’s the trick to a better night’s sleep? Surprisingly, it’s not about caffeine intake, counting sheep or even magnesium oil (although we do suggest you try that last one). Better zzz’s might actually be a financial decision. Yep, apparently, our Nordic friends know that budgeting to spend more on your mattress than on the other furniture in your home (we see you, sectional sofa) is the long-term sleep fix.

We stumbled upon this fact when learning about a $400,000 mattress—specifically, the Grand Vividus from Swedish bedmakers Hästens. Drake has one in his Toronto estate, which is featured Architectural Digest. In his own words, “The bed lets you float.” He may be Canadian, but the crooner clearly values his sleep like a Swede.

And yeah, obviously most of us aren’t spending half a mil on a mattress. But the idea of investing in a good bed makes sense! The better your mattress, the more support for your body, the less aches and pains and tossing and turning. In an interview with Forbes, Linus Adolfsson, owner of the Sleep Spa @ Hästens shared: “I’m Swedish and in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark, a Hästens bed is not a luxury item, but a necessity. People there believe that their mattress is the most important piece of furniture in their lives, so it is common for them to spend $10,000 for a mattress. I grew up in a middle-class family and our mattresses cost more than our family’s car.”

Now, clearly Adolfsson has some mattresses to sell—and a Swedish friend laughed at the idea of spending $10,000 for a bed—but the seed of the idea is pretty relatable. Why not spend more money where you spend most of your time? Now this totally gives “you’ve made your bed, now lie in it,” new meaning.

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