24 Fall Pajama Sets for Women That Will Get You Into the Autumnal Spirit

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There are few things better than finishing a long day and putting on a pair of comfy pajamas (or, let’s be real, in this age of working from home, never changing out of them in the first place). While your current pj’s might consist of an oversized concert T-shirt and some baggy sweats (guilty as charged), fall is the perfect time to upgrade your sleepwear with one of the best pajama sets for women. These little beauties will not only provide you with head-to-toe comfort, they’ll afford you with a coordinated look that’s stylish enough to get the mail—or at the very least, take a Zoom call without anyone noticing that you basically just rolled out of bed—as long as you select the right ones.

Comfort is obviously essential while shopping for pajamas, since you’ll be spending many hours sleeping soundly in them. In addition, the fabric you choose to wear can contribute to the quality of your zzz’s. We’ve broken down a few of the most popular types below.

Best Pajama Fabric

  • Cotton: Cotton is lightweight, breathable and easy to wash, which is why there’s no shortage of cotton pajamas. This material does have its downsides, however: It doesn’t insulate well and also absorbs moisture. That means that while cotton can be a great year-round option for many people, if you’re either a very cold or hot sleeper, you might want to look at other options.

  • Flannel: Flannel is thicker, fuzzier and warmer than cotton, so on those chillier nights, you’ll want to reach for a pair of these pajamas. Despite its warming properties, flannel is still a breathable fabric, so you’ll stay warm—but not too warm.

  • Silk/Satin: Silk or satin can be a higher-maintenance fabric (e.g., you may have to be more careful in washing it), but it’s incredibly soft on the skin and also a great body temperature regulator—particularly when it comes to silk. The downside? Since they have that sheen that makes it look ultra-luxurious, these fabrics tend to be slippery fabric and can shift around—especially if you tend to move a lot in your sleep.

  • Bamboo: Bamboo or bamboo hybrid materials are derived from plants and help to regulate body temperature, since they're naturally moisture-wicking. This makes it a great option for people who tend to sleep hot or sweat at night. It’s also hypoallergenic.

  • Modal: Modal is a super-soft fabric that is considered more sustainable than cotton, since it’s made from beech trees, which require next to no water to grow. It’s also 50 percent more absorbent than cotton.

  • Rayon: While rayon has a soft feel (much like silk), it’s less environmentally friendly than other options, as harsh chemicals are used to make it, and less durable, too, as it weakens with water.

Where to Buy Pajamas

Beyond fabric, pajama sets come in all different styles, so you’ll have your pick of those with collars and buttons versus pullovers or tank tops in loose or slim-fit styles—just to name a few. While it will largely be up to the wearer to decide if they’re the long sleeved/pants or short sleeved/shorts type (or even somewhere in between), we’ve got 24 recommendations for where to buy top-quality sets that will keep you cozy and chic, whether you’re sleeping, napping or simply lounging around the house, from Nordstrom and Amazon to J. Crew.

The Best Fancy Pajamas You Can Wear Out on the Town

pajama sets for women parachute

1. Parachute Waffle Pajama Set

Best waffle pajama set for women

Here’s some good news: The bedding brand you’ve seen all over Instagram also makes some top-of-the-line pajamas. This set, for instance, is made in Turkey from a lightweight, 100 percent cotton waffle-knit material, comes in two neutral colors and has ribbed cuffs to keep them firmly in place as you snooze. “I gifted one each to my son and daughter-in-law for Christmas .... they haven’t taken them off yet,” joked one happy buyer.

pajama sets for women eberjay

2. Eberjey Gisele Classic Pajama Set

Best classic pajama set for women

If it’s good enough for Oprah, consider it good enough for us! This two-piece set, which has been featured in the media mogul’s “Oprah's Favorite Things” list in the past, is timeless and buttery soft—aka everything you need in your go-to everyday sleepwear. They’re also machine washable—no shrinking or creasing here!—just note that they do run on the larger side, so you may want to size down if you’re petite.

pajama sets for women just love

3. Just Love Women's Thermal Underwear Pajama Set

Best women’s thermal pajamas

Warm but not bulky, this thermal pajama set is made with a poly-cotton blend that can handle any chilly temperatures in your home. The pants have a tapered leg, so you can wear it alone or layer it under your clothes if you really want to dial up the heat. When you’re through wearing it, simply throw it in the wash.

pajama sets for women skims

4. Skims Rib Pajamas

Best modal pajama set for women

Maybe you can’t keep up with the Kardashians, but you can certainly lounge like them! These SKIMS pajamas are made with a soft and stretchy ribbed modal material (plus a touch of stretchy spandex), have an elastic waist for comfort and even a little chest pocket on the shirt.

pajama sets for women zesica

5. Zesica Shorts Pullover Pajama Set

Best women’s short pajamas

For anyone who loves to wear shorts but also likes to stay warm, this combo of a long-sleeved top and drawstring bottoms will be the best of both worlds. Made with a soft waffle-knit rayon material, it also has a nice, relaxed fit, so you won’t feel too constrained while you doze.

pajama sets for women eberjay short sleeve

6. Eberjey Gisele Short-sleeve Pajama Set For Women

Best soft pajama set for women

If you don’t like long sleeves or find that you end up dragging them across every surface in the house, short sleeves are the way to go. This pajama set is made with the same extra-soft modal fabric as the long-sleeve set above and has similar stylish piping on both the top and the matching long pants.

pajama sets for women pajamagram

7. Pajamagram Flannel Pajama Set

Best flannel pajama set for women

There are few things that feel as comforting on a chilly night as a fuzzy flannel set, making this one a welcome addition to your closet. It’s got an elastic waist for lounge lovers and a relaxed fit that will flatter many body shapes. While it comes in other prints, we're heavily partial to the sloths.

pajama sets for women prettygarden

8. Prettygarden Tie-dye Pajama Set

Best lounge set for women

If you love being in pajamas but still like to feel somewhat put together, this set may be your solution. It comes with a casual long-sleeve sweatshirt and drawstring pants that won’t be limited to bedtime.

pajama sets for women jcrew

9. J Crew Poplin Pajama Set

Best poplin pajama set for women

The top of this lightweight cotton poplin pick looks like your favorite button-up shirt—except you can sleep in this one and not feel bad about it. The set, which also comes with a matching pair of long pants, features a cute floral print and is made with sustainable, washable material, too.

pajama sets for women floerns

10. Floerns Palm Leaf Pajama Set

Best button-up pajama set for women

This set of pj’s will have you in vacation mode in the dead of autumn—even if that vacation is just at home in your own bed. It comes with a short-sleeve collared button-down shirt and matching shorts, and you can choose from mostly cotton or polyester materials to best suit your fabric preference.

pajama sets for women nordstrom

11. Nordstrom Moonlight Pajama Set

Best printed pajamas for women

Have a little fun with your bedtime routine by wearing a wild print, like this one, which is chic enough for daytime, but cozy enough to drift off in. Nordstrom customers are obsessed with this set’s soft modal and spandex blend, which has just the right amount of structure and give.

pajama sets for women ekouaer

12. Ekouaer Satin Pajama Set

Best satin pajama set for women

If you’re a hot sleeper, long, warm pants simply won’t do—even in the fall. For something a little different, try this two-piece, which includes a satiny smooth camisole top and tie-waist shorts. It’s 100 percent silk satin (silk has cooling properties), making for a great minimal outfit for anyone who is always cranking up the A/C in their bedroom.

pajama sets for women bp sleepy head

13. Bp. Sleepy Head Pajama Set

Best jersey pajama set for women

It’s a non-negotiable that a set of pajamas be soft, and these jersey jammies more than deliver. The button top is short-sleeve and drapey, and the pants have a drawstring waist. The fun prints, like this one that kind of looks like a cotton candy sky, are merely an added bonus.

pajama sets for women amazon essentials

14. Amazon Essentials Short And T-shirt Sleep Set

Best T-shirt pajama set for women

A good T-shirt is hard to beat in terms of comfort and versatility, so it makes sense that you’d want to sleep in one, too. This sleep set comes with a 100 percent cotton short-sleeve shirt and also includes a pair of midweight flannel shorts for the perfect fall snoozing situation.

pajama sets for women madewell

15. Madewell Waffle-knit Union Suit Pajama Onesie

Best onesie pajama for women

Just because you’ve outgrown your childhood bed doesn’t mean you have to outgrow your childhood pajamas. This waffle-knit onesie is a grown-up version of the comfy ones you wore as a kid, but now with pockets and no footies. It’s made of lightweight, sustainable cotton material, has a button front and feels like a big soft hug, according to shoppers.

pajama sets for women honeydew

16. Honeydew All American Shortie Pajama Set

Best tank top pajama set for women

This rayon and spandex jersey set consists of a racerback tank with lace trim for those nights you’re feeling a little fancier. The shorts have a drawstring, and the set comes in seven different colors.

pajama sets for women lonxu

17. Lonxu Silk Satin Pajamas

Best luxe pajama set for women

Glide in and out of your bed with a pair of smooth, satin pajamas that look so luxe, you won’t feel guilty hanging out in them for extended periods. You’ll love the soft, cool feeling of the fabric on your skin as well the extra touch of glam.

pajama sets for women ekouaer long sleeve

18. Ekouaer Long-sleeve Pajama Set

Best matching pajama set for women

If you’ve been mixing and matching your old college sweats for bedtime, switch it up with this pair of soft, matching pajamas, which will be infinitely cuter. The long-sleeve top is easy to toss on, and the pants have comfy pockets.

pajama sets for women didk

19. Didk Avocado Shorts Pajama Set

Cutest pajama set for women

Add some punny personality to your nighttime routine with this cute T-shirt and matching shorts that have sayings like “I avo crush on you.” You’ll be chuckling to yourself until you drift off to Dreamland!

pajama sets for women real essentials

20. Real Essentials Short And Long Sleeve Top With Pants Set

Best lightweight pajama set for women

If you run hot but like to keep your arms and legs covered, it can be hard to find pajamas that won’t cause you to overheat at night. This set is made with a thin, soft polyester/spandex blend that will be breathable enough to do just that.

pajama sets for women ekouaer striped

21. Ekouaer Striped Sleepwear Set

Best two-piece pajama set for women

Want to keep your limbs nice and unrestricted? Look no further than this casual short set with elastic waisted shorts. With an adorable chest pocket and a roomy, relaxed fit, you’ll look—and feel—great, even on your drowsiest mornings.

pajama sets for women pj salvage

22. Pj Salvage Love Camo Pajama Set

Best long-sleeve pajama set for women

Wear your heart on your sleeve … and your legs … and your chest with a fun love-print pattern. Not only do these long-sleeved ‘jams look adorbs, they’ll also keep you nice and cozy courtesy of their polyester and elastane material, whether you’re sleeping or binging TV.

pajama sets for women shein

23. Shein 7-piece Pajama Set

Best pretty pajama set for women

There are a lot of options when it comes to pj’s—short or long sleeve, shorts or pants, solids or prints … Instead of making it an either/or decision, make it an one and done with this seven-piece satin collection that comes complete with a camisole, a button-up long-sleeve shirt, a pair of shorts, a pair of pants, a hair tie, an eye mask and an overnight bag.

pajama sets for women joyaria

24. Joyaria Bamboo Pajama Set

Best bamboo pajama set for women

Calling all sweaty or hot sleepers! These pajamas are made of a delightful bamboo blend, which can help wick moisture away from your body at night. That means you’ll stay cool and dry, all throughout the night.

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