This $40 Belly Band Is Giving My Extremely Pregnant Body Some Much Needed Relief

Is it just me, or does the third trimester of pregnancy hit you like a ton of bricks? One day you’re feeling so good you almost forget you share your body with another human, and the next, even the idea of doing laundry is exhausting. Although I had no problem remaining active early on in my pregnancy, by the time I hit 30-something weeks, I was starting to feel it in my back, hips and pelvis. Regular baths were helpful, but the extra weight was starting to get painful while walking, doing chores or working out. That’s when a friend suggested the Motif Medical belly band. 

The company was founded by a team of medical industry professionals, so I felt reassured that it would actually work. And oh, it does. The breathable, adjustable belly band covers your lower abdomen, hips and lower back to reinforce your core. It also props your belly up a bit, improving your posture so you’re not perpetually leaning forward due to the extra weight. I found that the pressure of the band helps soothe hip discomfort, too, which is totally key—especially in the final weeks before delivery.

The Motif Medical belly band is discreet enough that you can wear it under (or over) most clothes. It’s also machine washable, so you don’t have to worry about it getting gross from all that belly sweat (sorry, but it’s a thing). The belly band is also adjustable so it can be worn at any stage of pregnancy. The base fabric doesn’t stretch out, and I noticed that some Amazon reviewers say they’ve reused it for multiple pregnancies. And at $40, it’s not an enormous investment for something you’ll be using every day.

The only catch? It’s not very comfortable to wear while sitting. Luckily, it’s easy to put on and take off, so I typically remove it when I sit down for work and strap it back on when I start moving around.

If, like me, you have a very heavy basketball in your stomach right now, I definitely suggest getting this belly band sooner rather than later. Your lower back (and hips, and shoulders and legs) will thank you.