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Victoria Bellafiore

Here’s What 8 Women Who Actually Enjoy Doing Laundry Have In Common

It's no secret that laundry can feel like a drag, but that's likely because you're not using the right supplies. In fact, a 2019 survey by the American Cleaning Institute reported that it’s the household chore people tend to enjoy the most, ranking ahead of doing the dishes and vacuuming. Yep, it can actually be an enjoyable experience—practically meditative for some—and these eight women are all in on the secret to making laundry day feel like a breeze.

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Christine Kong

"Does everyday feel like laundry day at your house too? Thankfully, Woolite All Clothes won't cause shrinking, stretching, or fading when I wash my clothes and workout wear. I also love that it gently cleans without harshness," says fashion and lifestyle blogger Christine Kong. "For all my denim addicts: I use Woolite All Darks to help prevent my denim from fading for up to 30 washes! My jeans stay dark and look like new. A good tip too is to wash them inside out!"

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Whitney Graham

"I'm stepping my laundry game up these days with Woolite All Darks and All Clothes. The All Darks keeps my jeans dark for up to 30 washes, and All Clothes won't cause fading, shrinking or stretching for all my activewear pieces!" praises Whitney Graham, fashion and travel blogger.

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Danielle Gervino

For New York-based life and style blogger Danielle Gervino, it's all about maintaining the integrity of her clothings' colors. "Woolite All Darks is a laundry room essential. All Darks cleans with just 13 ingredients vs the leading detergent's 24, and helps prevent fading for up to 30 washes. Keeps clothes looking like new and won’t cause fading, shrinking or stretching," she explains.

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Christine Tarver

"For me, clothes are an investment, which means I want to invest in a detergent that helps protect them. Woolite laundry detergent does just that, it helps prevent fading and won’t cause stretching or shrinking, and it helps keep my favorite clothing just like the day I bought them." says Christine Tarver, fashion and travel blogger. "It cleans with only half of the ingredients versus the leading detergent. Protect your most comfortable and favorite pieces—and get your money's worth out of your clothes—by picking up a bottle of Woolite!"

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Alexandra Lord

"Another day, another load!" muses Alexandra Lord, personal style blogger. "No biggie because Woolite laundry detergent won't cause fading, shrinking, or stretching! I can continue to rotate through my quarantine loungewear without any issues." And when it comes to her favorite pair of dark jeans: "Woolite All Darks has my back. It helps prevent fading for up to 30 washes."

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Grace Mattei

Lifestyle blogger Grace Mattei also counts on Woolite All Clothes for a gentle clean. Armed with her trusty basket and go-to Woolite detergent, there's nothing about laundry day she can't handle.

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Lindsey Fillman

Starting to see a trend? Lindsey Fillman, fashion, beauty and home blogger, mirrors these sentiments. "Woolite All Darks is a laundry room essential that gently cleans without harshness. It keeps clothes looking like new!"

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Cayleth Vivas

Creative manager Cayleth Vivas is also keen on Woolite All Clothes to make piles of laundry feel like a welcome routine. She knows how important it is to make her favorite clothing last, which is why washing them with Woolite always feels like a win.

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