6 Trends You’re About to See Everywhere in 2024

From cozy cardio to ketamine therapy

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Trends may come and go faster than you could pull on a pair of skinny jeans back in 2012—which, to be fair, took forever. But that doesn’t mean we don’t want to know about them. Thus, with the start of any new year comes a time for reflection (did we need Barbiecore?) regret (#girldinner) and, of course, looking towards the next big thing. And from jersey skirts to fluted cabinets to stargazing from your hotel veranda, next year is serving up major big thing vibes. Here, six trends we expect to see lots of in 2024.

John F. Kennedy Jr. and bride Carolyn Bessette Kennedy stand
New York Daily News Archive

1. ‘90s Minimalism

You may think flannel shirts and grunge when you think of ‘90s clothing, but the biggest fashion trend we’re seeing for the new year is actually a subtler ‘90s vibe—one that’s less Winona Ryder and more Rachel Green. Think of '90s Minimalism as 2024’s answer to Quiet Luxury (which, as you’ll recall was the Succession-fueled trend of extremely expensive, extremely neutral basics). ‘90s minimalism is similar, in that it’s all about high-end capsule wardrobes. But this year, the look is a little more casual—think jersey maxi skirts, turtleneck sweaters, medium wash straight leg jeans. 

We’ve seen the trend recently on the runway for houses like Bottega Venetta and Chloe, but it’s also just popping back into the zeitgeist, with videos tagged “90s” having more than 93 million views in the TikTok style channel. 

The ultimate ‘90s minimalist icon? Carolyn Bessette Kennedy, whom the New York Times recently described as the “ghost influencer” of our current age, thanks to her understated, lived-in aesthetic. (She was famous for carrying the same black Birkin everywhere, occasionally putting it down on the floor of the New York City subway.)   

If all of this feels like the perfect antidote to disposable hot pink Barbie collabs and twee nap dresses, we hear you. But we’ll still be keeping our $15,000 handbags off the ground, thank you very much. 

Products and Services Designed for Menopause and Peri-Menopause

2. Products and Services Designed for Menopause and Peri-Menopause

Amidst the recent trends of Ozempic and #Looksmaxxing, it feels important to have a “good news” moment in the beauty and wellness worlds. The good news moment for 2024? Brands are finally realizing that women in their 40s, 50s and beyond actually have very specific skin, hair and body needs—not to mention some serious buying power in the market.  

Case in point: The absolute wellspring of menopause content and products, from Gwyneth Paltrow’s recent “hormone summit” to Naomi Watt’s new line Stripes, which offers things like hydrating creams to help with dryness (a common menopause symptom) and vaginal gels targeting atrophy and irritation.  

And beyond menopause-specific beauty, we’re also seeing a rise in cool products that address other needs of this oft-neglected demographic. For instance, haircare brand Better Not Younger, which targets issues like hair thinning and brassiness that tend to happen in aging hair. Or even the (Gwyneth-approved) eyewear company Caddis, which offers super-hip reading glasses and, notably, exclusively features models who actually look old enough to need them.  

As we move into the new year, we expect to see more companies embrace the M-word, and offer solutions to make the transition easier.

3. Cozy Cardio

This is a trend that started, where else, on TikTok, and it somehow feels very Gen Z. (Bedrotting, anyone?) The idea of Cozy Cardio, which was coined by social media creator Hope Zuckerbrow, is that working out doesn’t have to be the high-intensity stuff of Orange Theory or CrossFit. Instead, she says, it can be all about moving your body while still feeling comfortable, and it can be as simple as lighting some candles and doing a yoga video in your living room or walking on your walking pad while watching your favorite rom com. 

Obviously, this isn’t as rigorous and doesn’t have the same calorie-burning or cardiovascular benefits as a more intense workout, but the general idea is that something is better than nothing. And regardless of whether or not folks are calling it Cozy Cardio, we think this mindset will be pervasive in the new year. After all, there’s been a handful of recent studies that show that even modest exercise—think running a mile a few times a week or walking just 4,000 steps per day—have major health benefits in terms of improving longevity and reducing your risk of heart disease. Plus, coming on the heels of “quiet quitting” and “soft girl,” it makes sense that people are looking to grant themselves more leeway in all elements of life.

4. Textured Interiors

After years of flat Scandi-blonde wood and minimalist design, we’re thrilled to see color and pattern continue to gain momentum in the home design world. And in 2024, it’s all about texture. Think limewash walls, like the one above spotted at last year’s Brooklyn Showhouse, or fluted cabinets, like this stunning offering from Alice Grace Interiors, or even terra cotta floors in lieu of wide plank hardwoods. Home renovation not in the cards? There will still be plenty of ways to get the textured look in smaller doses, thanks to nubby throws and pillows, rich wool rugs and (yes) even more boucle furniture.

Ketamine Therapy 2024 Trends
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5. Ketamine Therapy

Thankfully, the days of stigmatizing mental health challenges are (mostly) behind us. And, as we enter 2024, we’re looking to more innovative ways of treating depression, anxiety and PTSD. One method that’s becoming increasingly mainstream? Ketamine therapies, whereby patients receive a prescription for anywhere from one to a handful of intravenous infusions of the drug, which works almost immediately to drastically improve mental outlook. “It totally changed my life,” shares one proselytizer we spoke to. “I’m now able to do everyday things like brush my teeth and get out of bed.”  

This year, we expect to see more open embrace of the therapy at chic, spa-like establishments, as well as wellness retreats (like this recent one in L.A.) that merge Ketamine with oh-so-California endeavors like sound baths, breathwork and energy healing. Some places are even offering up ketamine lozenges to suck on, as opposed to the more clinical IV approach. Bear in mind that treatment doesn’t come cheap—infusions will run you anywhere from $600 to $2,000 a pop—so fingers crossed that, as the service expands, the price becomes more accessible.

Astrotourism 2024 Trends

6. Astrotourism 

If you lived just about anywhere affected by 2023’s Canadian wildfires, then you remember the surreal few days when the sky was orange and the air was unbreathable. (Fun times!) If you’re looking for the exact opposite of that experience, then you’ll love 2024’s biggest travel trend, which is travelling for the sole purpose of seeing unobstructed, unpolluted nights' skies.  

Indeed, we’re seeing hotels, from New Zealand to Utah, promoting specific stargazing experiences, which include things like a guided star navigation or an Amish wagon ride through a light-protected sunset

We’re also noticing more concerted political efforts to protect skies from light pollution (which is increasing at a rate of 2 percent each year) and earn the coveted designation of Dark Sky Preserve.  

As for astrotourism experiences you can book right now? Think: a train ride (with binoculars) from Santa Fe, a Star Party at Smokey Jack Observatory in Colorado or a night safari under the tranquil skies of Nova Scotia. Cosmic.

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