From Gesture Cakes to Engagement Moons, These Are the Biggest Wedding Trends for 2019

2018 was a fun year for wedding trends (hi, glamazon power earrings and couture-inspired cakes!). But 2019? There's even more fabulosity in store. Read on for eight rising trends that have the industry buzzing. 

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Pistachio Gowns

Whilst stalking cool girl weddings this season, a rather surprising fashion pattern emerged: Pale, whisper-soft green gowns on the brides. To die for, no? 

Gesture Cakes

Cake cutting is a trend with staying power—but today’s couples are looking to incorporate their actual favorite desserts (candy! pies!)—and scale back on pricey cake towers that go to waste. Hence, the rise of the “gesture cake”—aka a mini, affordable cake that captures the essence of the tradition, but doesn’t purport to feed an army. 

Single Stem Bouquets

On the bouquet front, minimalism is still hot. But in place of last year’s simple greenery trend, brides are opting for single stem stunners they can DIY themselves. Organic and oh-so budget-friendly, this chic floral alternative echoes the overall trend toward less exorbitantly expensive affairs.

Cluster Engagement Rings

Hello, vintage vibes. This super-feminine trend was peak chic during the Victorian era, when high-society brides had the bug for all things floral. And they're back in style, big-time, thanks to K. Middy and Princess Eugenie’s high-profile bling.

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Grazing Tables

Sayonara, same old passed apps. The new cocktail hour food hook is all about massive, bountiful charcuterie stations—otherwise known as “grazing tables.”

Wandering Cocktail Hours

Affordable wedding alternatives (see: city hall fetes, backyard microweddings) are only getting more popular. But that doesn’t mean couples are skipping festivities for their loved ones altogether. Meet: the “wandering cocktail hour”—a big, chic, boozy cocktail party thrown for friends and family, which is usually hosted a few weeks after an intimate ceremony. 

Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses

From society weddings to low-key, backyard affairs, there’s a major move away from matchy-matchy maidens, and toward letting your girls pick a frock they actually might wear again. (A whopping 59 percent of today’s bridal parties sport mixed frocks, according to WeddingWire’s 2018 Report.)

engagementmoon couple
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Engagement Moons

Increasingly, couples are splitting wedding bills down the middle with their families—meaning they don’t have a whole lot of extra cash lying around after the wedding. This might explain the trend in taking a trip after becoming engaged rather than following the big day. 


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