Here’s Every Single Way to Address Wedding Invitation Envelopes

You’ve labored over your bridesmaid dresses and floral scheme ad nauseum. But it’s only once you’re in the deepest throes of wedding planning that you realize that teensy, tiny details—like how to address guests on wedding invitation envelopes—actually take a little research! No fear, guys We broke down the proper way to address every invitee on your list, according to ye olde rules of wedding etiquette.

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Married Couples With The Same Last Name

The formal presentation typically uses the husband’s full name…but if that irks you, listing the husband and wife’s full names (husband first) is also Granny-approved.


Married Couples With Different Last Names

Spell out both full names—ladies first! 


Married Same Sex Couples

Whether the couple has the same last name or not, alphabetical order is the preferred presentation. 


Unmarried Couples

Per tradition, names should be listed on separate lines, alphabetically. (But if you'd prefer to write "Mr. X and Mrs. Y" on the same line, you really shouldn't ruffle any feathers.)



The doctor designation should always be written in full—and first in line. (P.S. For a brainiac doctor couple, “The Doctors Smith” can be used, and if they have different last names, alphabetical order is the rule of thumb.) 


Families With Children

Parents should be addressed on their own line first, per the guidelines above and children can be listed on a separate line below, by just their first names, in age-descending order. Prefer a more casual approach? "The Smith Family" is totally fine too. 


Single Gents

Mr. does the trick.


Single Ladies

And repeat for Ms.


Gender Nonconforming

Gendered pronouns can be exhausting for friends and family who don’t subscribe to them. In that case, ditch the formality of titles entirely and simply use their full name.


Plus Ones

The best way to extend an invitation to a single pal’s guest is to send a personal invite to the date’s home address. However, adding a “+ Guest” to your friend's invitation is fine in a time crunch. 



“Cakes” can be churro stations. Grandmas can be flower girls. While these guidelines follow traditional wedding etiquette that will make your MeeMaw happy, times have changed. If you’d prefer to throw etiquette to the wind and address your friends however informally/convivially you want, power to ya.

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