12 Nontraditional Wedding Ideas That Will Make You Want to Redo Your Pinterest Boards

Symmetrical bridal parties? Garter tossing? Cake to the face? Standard wedding traditions aren’t for everyone. (In fact, they’re even becoming antiquated.) Here, our favorite ideas for a modern, thoroughly unstuffy celebration.

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Embrace "anything Goes" Bridesmaid Attire

Floral, beaded, tulle, long, short, crop top or jumpsuit—it doesn't even have to be a chosen style within a particular pattern or color palette. Save yourself the headache and let your party wear whatever the heck they want. (Your photos will actually turn out cooler.)

Offer Doughnuts As Your Primary Sweet

With a slew of crowd-pleasing alternatives, traditional wedding cakes have become, well, stale. Doughnuts, for example, have been steadily rising in foodie status over the past few years. Stack 'em on a focal wall and watch the delight ensue.

Have Your Grandma Be Your Flower Girl

Little ladies are adorable of course, but if no one obvious comes to mind, feel free to skip the customary flower girl. Or better yet, call on your 92-year-old spitfire of a granny to assume the duty. (She deserves to feel like a kid again.)

Decorate With Bloom-free Greenery

There’s no need for a barrage of fancy, psycho-expensive floral centerpieces. Runners, altars and boutonnieres comprised of minimalist greens are economical, on-trend and totally stunning in their simplicity.

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Rock A Coed Bridal Party

Families and BFFs know no gender—whoever is most important in your life should be up there to share in the moment, so embrace a mixed squad of groomswomen and bridesmen on both sides of the aisle.

Stand Solo

Maybe the whole Myspace Top 8 thing stresses you out. Maybe you’d rather your bridal party members contribute to the ceremony in other sweet ways (cue banjo solo!). Either way, know that you’re not required to have people flank you and your groom. You can always acknowledge special people by seating them in the front row or giving them a shout-out in the program.

Go Totally Paperless

We know. Nana is expecting a creamy letterpress invitation…and wedding program…and menu. But digital options are so pretty these days, and they save major green (both trees and wallets). Plus, guests will RSVP much faster when there are no stamps required.

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Escort Each Other Down The Aisle

Walking into your new life arm-in-arm is a pretty beautiful metaphor, no? There’s no need to have anyone “give you away” if that’s not your thing.

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Adopt An Open Pet Policy

Bring your pup along (he’s basically your child after all) and encourage others to do the same. Surely you’ve seen four-legged ring bearers by now—but have you seen doggie-biscuit open bars? The more puppy guests, the merrier.

Forgo The Champagne Toast

Really, a toast can be given on any type of alcohol, so skip the extra glassware on your table and let people lift up their beverage of choosing. You'll save on both cost and space.

Host A High-tea Reception

More and more brides have been opting for toned-down, daylight affairs. Make your brunch wedding extra memorable by tweaking the theme to a posh and picture-perfect high tea service.

Send Off Wish Lanterns

If you’re keeping yours to an evening event, what are you going to do for the send-off? Sparklers are a staple, and fireworks can cost an actual gazillion dollars. Instead, perhaps have guests set a sea of floating lanterns aglow, complete with well wishes written inside.


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