Celebs Like Megan Fox & Ariana Grande Are Obsessed with This Over-the-Top Engagement Ring Trend

Let’s be honest, when celebrities announce their engagements, sure, we’re happy that their love is blossoming. But the truth is, we really just sit at the edge of our seats and wait for those engagement ring pics to drop. Will we be awe-struck by blinding diamonds like with Mariah Carey’s 2016 rock? Or will we touched by the simple elegance of a ring like with Emma Stone's? Lately, however, it seems like there’s one unique engagement ring trend that’s got Hollywood’s finest couple’s in a chokehold and that’s…drumroll please….

…Toi et moi diamonds a.ka. two-stone diamonds.

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This week, Megan Fox delighted fans when she revealed that her main squeeze, Machine Gun Kelly, had popped the question and she said, “Yes!” (The starlet also announced they then drank each other’s blood, but let’s not digress.) Naturally, the masses wanted to see the rock, and boy, did MGK not disappoint. The “Wild Boy” rocker popped the question with a custom toi et moi gem he designed with jeweler Stephen Webster. The ring, which is estimated to be worth $400,000 per Insider, features a shiny diamond accompanied by a glowing emerald.

But the Transformers actress is hardly the only celeb donning a two-stone band. Back in February 2018, Emily Ratajkowski sent shock waves to the masses when she announced that she secretly tied the knot with hubby Sebastian Bear-McCLard after mere weeks of dating. She debuted a glorious two-stone ring featuring square- and pearl-shaped diamonds on her Instagram in July of the same year. The new bride had previously been wearing a plain gold wedding band that she and McClard had custom-made.

Pardon us while we manifest this kind of upgrade in our lives.

Entering the chat in 2020 was Ariana Grande whose toi et moi ring consists of a stunning oval-shaped gem and a polished pearl. The sparkler was custom-made by her betrothed—luxury real estate agent Dalton Gomez—with the help of jeweler Jack Solow.

“[Dalton] had very strong feelings about how he wanted this to look a contemporary kind of way,” Solow told E! News. “It was his idea to do the diamond on an angle and he said to me we had to incorporate a pearl into the finished piece because it is very sentimentally special, the element of a pearl is very, very sentimentally special to Ariana. He wanted to include that in the ring."

Aww, love him for her.

Megan, Emily and Ariana may be spearheading the trend right now, but it's hardly new. Celebs such as Jackie Kennedy and Solange have previously worn the style as well.

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