The bohemian, slow-paced town of Tulum, Mexico (just south of Cancun), is pretty damn close to paradise. And it’s also seriously trending amongst the hip, jet-setter crowd. Don’t believe us? Take a look at these 19 Instagram shots. (Then proceed immediately to purchase airfare.)

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When's the last time you saw 50 shades of blue?

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But taking a dip in the Caribbean isn’t the only way to cool down. These Mexcian popsicles (paletas) are like air-conditioning on a stick.

Thatched-roof huts and wind-blown palm trees as far as the eye can see.

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And don’t get us started on those beach sunsets.

The whole damn town is as pretty as a postcard.

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Fresh coconuts, anyone?

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We’ll be eating this poolside, thank you very much.

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And really just eating outside in general.

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Everything tastes better cooked over an open fire.

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And the open road definitely feels better when you’re rumbling along in a vintage two-tone van.

This could be your out-of-office reply.

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This could be your lunch meeting.

Of course this pastel bike matches the street art.

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Every day should start with a smoothie and an ocean view.

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Dive into a cenote, one of the crystal blue, natural swimming holes surrounding Tulum.

And celebrate your bravery with a lavish lunch of freshly caught shrimp and octopus ceviche.

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If this doesn’t make you crave the ocean, we’re not sure what will.

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OK, OK. It’s settled. We’re going. See you beach-side, margarita in hand.

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