The Cheapest European Cities for Summer Travel

Hey there, wanderluster. We know you’ve been dreaming of the twisty cobblestone streets, Michelin-starred cuisine and endless parade of leather jacket/moped combos that exist together only on one continent: Europe. But it’s time to stop merely thinking about it because, according to Kayak, the time to go, go, go is this summer. Why? Median airfares to your top Euro destinations are the cheapest they’ve been in three years. Here are the best deals for a European summer vacation.

the blue lagoon in reykjavik iceland
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Reykjavik, Iceland

According to Kayak, the median airfare to this buzzy Arctic city ($509) is down 28 percent since 2016, with the cheapest median airfare from these seven airports: Maryland/BWI ($349), California/LAX ($404), Michigan/DTW ($409), Illinois/ORD ($450), Florida/MCO ($541), Arkansas/ANC ($677) and Nevada/RNO ($871). Northern lights and Blue Lagoon, here we come.

a bar in dublin ireland
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Dublin, Ireland

You’ll definitely have the cash for that extra pint of Guinness and second helping of shepherd’s pie—Dublin is one of the cheapest European destinations for six of the top 25 U.S. airports this year. Think round-trip flights going for under $900 from North Carolina (RDU), Tennessee (BNA), Nebraska (OMA), Missouri (STL) and Montana (ABQ).

a pretty street in paris france
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Paris, France

For New Yorkers and New Jersians, (OK, and you too, Connecticuters), this typically pricey hot spot is more affordable to fly to than ever: median airfare from JFK or EWR this summer is coming in under $530 (!). And if you can figure out how to travel in the City of Light for $75 a day, you’re in the money. (Spend your savings on croissants, obvs.)

beautiful gaudi architecture in barcelona spain
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Barcelona, Spain

Get your Gaudí fix with a trip to this cosmopolitan yet historic Catalonian city. With airfares down 34 percent since 2016, the median flights are coming in around $717. So if you were planning a beach vacay anyway, why not make it on the Mediterranean? Do it for the tapas. 

a pretty view in lisbon portugal
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Lisbon, Portugal

Portugal has been one of the hottest tickets in town for a few years. But according to Kayak, flights are down 22 percent since 2016, which means you could grab a round trip for around $720. Hype aside, this seaside city is worth every penny—especially for foodies with a hankering for out-of-this-world seafood and unique, inspired menus with roots in both Moroccan and Spanish cuisine. 

the charming countryside near edinburgh scotland
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Edinburgh, Scotland

Hey, if it’s good enough for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, it’s good enough for us. In fact, this romantic, medieval city surrounded by rolling hills and overlooking the sea is where the royal couple spent Valentine’s Day. (It’s also a Game of Thrones shooting location.) And now that flights are down 26 percent since 2016, it might be perfect timing to check out what the royal fuss is all about.


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