5 Cool Things You Never Knew Your iPhone Could Do

Technology to the rescue

Sure, your phone is your lifeline when it comes to calling, texting and making your niece giggle on Snapchat. But there’s a lot more it can do--especially to help you get out of a jam. Here, five surprising iPhone tricks you might not know about.

It Can Make A Phone Call Over Wi-fi

No service? No problem. As long as you can find somewhere with a Wi-Fi connection, you can call home simply by opening up your phone’s settings and choosing Phone > Wi-Fi Calling and toggling Wi-Fi Calling on This iPhone to on. (FYI: This works only on iPhone 5C and newer.)

It Can Access Google Maps (even When You Don't Have Service)

The trick is to download the map you’ll need later while you still have service. To do this, simply open up the map, tap the bar at the bottom of the screen where the city name is listed and hit “download.” Then, when you’re traveling on back roads with zero bars, tap the drop-down menu in the upper-left-hand corner of the app and click the option for “offline areas.” Phew, you’ve got directions.

It Can Take A Group Selfie Using Only Your Earbuds

Selfie stick? Who needs it? Next time you want to get the whole gang in for an impromptu shot, simply prop your phone on something (like a nearby cabinet) and plug in your headphones. Then when you’re ready to take the pic, simply tap the volume button. Boom.

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It Can Act As A Mini Stereo

This solution is a dinner-party lifesaver when you don’t have access to a stereo system. Simply pop your iPhone in a glass or coffee mug with the speaker-side down and let physics take over.


It Can Pull Double Duty As A Baby Monitor

OK, so you’ll need two iPhones (or iPads) for this one. Here’s what you do: Plug in one iPhone in the baby’s room and prop it up so it’s overlooking the crib. Then, launch Facetime on the second phone and call the first phone. Once you’ve got a good connection (preferably on Wi-Fi), set the phone near the crib to mute. Works great in a pinch. 

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