6 Secrets of People Who Never Break Their Phone

Hint: Avoid water

Your pretty new rose-gold iPhone is so shiny and perfect and sleek. But, gahhhh, you accidentally dropped it on the sidewalk and now the screen is shattered and you’re super sad. Here, six secrets of people who manage to keep a phone for years without ever breaking it.

They Wear Protection

Sure, that bulky phone case with the no-slip grip really cramps your smartphone style, but having a durable cover is essential if you want to avoid a bad break. Hate the idea of covering up that pretty rose gold? Otterbox, which is known for its heavy-duty phone cases, now offers see-through options.


They Stow Their Phone In Their Purse

Not your back pocket. Not your bra. Pick a zippered pocket in your purse or laptop bag where you can be certain it’s safe and secure.

They Avoid Water At All Costs

So, we know you love FaceTiming your mom while doing the dishes, but is it really a good idea to balance your smartphone near a sink full of suds? Probably not. Think before you set your phone down and maybe just don’t bring it into the bathroom with you, period.

They Never Walk And Text

We get it. You’re multitasking, but here’s how this scenario generally plays out: You trip. You drop your phone. You cry. For your phone's (and personal) safety, wait until you’re in a spot where you can stop moving or sit.

They Have A Go-to Spot In The Car

Never drive with your smartphone in your lap, which is dangerous and distracting (and can lead to illegal behaviors like texting and driving). The chances are also pretty great that you’ll forget about it and it will fall on the pavement and break when you step out of the car. A better solution: Designate a spot--the center console or a phone clip on your dashboard--and place your phone there every single time.

They Keep It Out Of The Hands Of Their Toddler

So your three-year-old wants to watch YouTube. Or snap a zillion selfies. Unless they’re safely seated in an area with plush pillows or soft carpeting, your phone’s off-limits. (Though there’s no harm in giving them that old Blackberry from 2010.)

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