The 18 Places You Should Really Never Use Your Cell Phone

Like the movie theater...or the toilet

Digital dependency: It’s a thing. But if we’re going to start taking steps to break bad habits, we need to zero in on our weaknesses first.

Here, 18 places where you really (really) need to put your phone away.


1. In a live movie theater. Especially after the lights have gone down.

2. In an actual theater. Unless it's intermission and the babysitter is actively texting to let you know your kid just puked.

3. At a hospital. Guys, people’s lives are at stake. Don’t be the asshole playing Angry Birds.


4. In a museum. Because you will never ever (ever) do anything with the 29 photos you snapped of that Monet.

5. In the checkout line. The cashier at Whole Foods doesn’t need to hear half a conversation about whether or not you’d look better with bangs. (PS: You would!)

6. At a restaurant. Hey, remember the good old days when you talked to the person sitting across from you? Or at least glowered at him before eating half his quiche?

7. At the gym. Spotify on the treadmill is OK. A conference call is not.

8. On a plane. When the flight attendant says, "Turn off your phone," you do it. (No excuses, Alec Baldwin.)

9. During a job interview. Not silent. Not vibrate. Off.


10. In a fitting room. Breathe deep: You can purchase culottes without FaceTiming your mother.

11. During a wedding ceremony. Even if they provided you with a stupid wedding hashtag.


12. In the shower. The time to exercise boundaries with speakerphone is now.

13. At a church or synagogue. If there's a higher power, we're pretty sure he/she wants your full attention.

14. At a cemetery. Same goes for ghosts.

texting at spa

15. At the spa. Texting mid-massage kinda defeats the purpose.

16. During a manicure. 10 minutes. Wait it out.

17. While giving birth. If there’s one place not to take a selfie...

18. On the toilet. Because ewww.

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