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You packed the diapers, the Bjorn, the white noise machine and the NoseFrida. But, oh forgot the baby monitor. Here’s what to do the next time you’re in a pinch.

What you need: A Wi-Fi connection and two iPhones or iPads with Facetime.

What you do: Plug in one iPhone (preferably one you can live without for the night) in the baby’s room and set it up so it’s overlooking the crib. Launch Facetime on the second phone and use it to call the first phone. Once the connection is established and you’ve got a good view of the crib, set the first phone to mute. Put the baby to sleep and sneak out of the room, second iPhone in hand.

And then? Throughout the night, you can periodically check in on your little one or just listen for her tiny, piercing cries.

What if I don’t have Wi-Fi? Your phone will use your data plan, costing you approximately a zillion dollars.

What if there’s no outlet in the baby’s room? The phone will probably die. In other words: find an extension cord.

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