6 Trends That Will Be Everywhere This Spring

Giddy up, Cowgirls

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Hello, Spring! This season, Mob Wives are trading their fur coats and name plate necklaces for raw denim and bolo ties. World travelers are forgoing home rentals and adventure in favor of sleeping the day away at fancy hotels. And everyone is jamming out to sweet ‘90s tunes…even if they were born after the second Bush administration. Here are the top trends you need to know for spring 2024. (What you do with them? Well, that’s up to you.)

The Only 3 Trends You Need to Buy This Spring, According to a Fashion Editor

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1. Cowboy Core

Credit this one to Queen Bey, who just released her much-anticipated studio album, Act II: Cowboy Carter, which features serious nods to her Texas heritage. And while we are certainly watching what this means for the music world (let us not forget the way the country charts spurned Lil Nas X back in 2019), we’re also watching its impact on fashion, which seems to be moving in the direction of cowboy hats and fringe accents. Indeed, per the team at Boohoo, since the announcement of the album, there’s been a 566 percent increase in searches for bolo ties and a 213 percent increase in searches for boots. Spring’s iteration of Cowboy Core is less about going full-on honkytonk, and more about mixing cowboy elements with neutral or understated pieces. For instance, a bold hat with a dainty button-down blouse or a simple bolo with a structured suit. And all with big, bouncy Tami Taylor hair, of course.

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2. The Future of Music Is ‘90s-Tastic

Another day, another moment of nostalgia for Upper Millennials who are quickly entering their cranky middle age and searching for music that smells like late ‘90s spirit. Think: new albums from Pearl Jam, Lenny Kravitz, Sum 41, Sheryl Crow, Linkin Park and New Kids on the Block (who haven’t released a studio album in over a decade, and are hot on the heels of their sold out 2023 cruise.) And also the ‘90s-fication of music from young, female stars whether that’s Billie Eilish bouncing around in oversize cargo pants and puffer jackets or Olivia Rodrigo’s clear Alanis vibes as she continues to dominate on her 2024 tour. Speaking of Alanis…yep she’s back too, and starting a tour with Joan Jett this June.

spring-trends-2024: the interior of an infiniti car.

3. Bespoke Lighting, Anywhere and Everywhere

Here at PureWow, we’ve always maintained that how you light a space is just as important as what you put in it. (Single overhead bulb? We would never!) And it seems this spring the rest of the world is taking note, with products and trends geared toward customized lighting solutions. Think: homeowners hiring designers to create personalized lighting schemes for their houses as well as hotels that allow guests to design their own mood lighting and portable speakers with which you can make a corresponding light show. The auto industry is even getting in on the action: The new 2025 INFINITI QX80 allows drivers to adjust their interior lighting tone exactly as they’d like, using a 64-color ambient lighting system inspired by the four seasons.

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4. Sleep Tourism

Well, apparently we’ve hit peak 21st century indulgence, with a collective desire to both travel and…stay in bed all day. Indeed, the recent rise of sleep tourism has travelers jetting off to exotic locales with the sole (or main) purpose of getting better rest while they’re there. For the most part, this manifests as resorts and hotels offering “menus” of sleep-forward perks, from the Park Hyatt New York’s Restorative Sleep Suite (which allows guests to create a personalized sleeping profile with the help of an AI-assisted bed) to hotels with tiered pillow options, cocoon-hammock-spa sessions or elaborate pre-bedtime rituals. Want to sleep better with a group of like-minded tired people? Sign up for the Mastering Sleep Immersion Retreat at the Berkshires Canyon Ranch, which (per The New York Times) will be held from April 28th to May 3rd and features programming like personalized sleep coaching and presentations from the Director of the Sleep and Health Research Center at the University of Arizona.

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5. The Kitty Cut Is the New Wolf Cut

Remember the wolf cut? Well that’s so 2021. This spring’s iteration is softer, longer and more voluminous, thanks to textured layers and grown-out fringe (versus the wolf’s shaggy mullet stylings). I.e.: it’s much easier to pull off if you want to look hip, but not like you just walked out of an art film circa mid-pandemic. Recently, we’ve spotted celebs like Jenna Ortega, Laura Harrier and Emily Ratajkowski sporting the kitty cut, and we predict it will further make its way to the masses this spring, with Google searches up 200 percent and TikTok naming it the trendiest haircut of the year.

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6. Circus Tent Chic

Send in the clowns. After years of muted beige and soft boucle, this spring’s home design is taking its cue from…the circus, with wide or cabana stripes popping up everywhere from light fixtures to armchairs to patio umbrellas. Part of this stems from TikTok's "unexpected red theory," which is all about using red statement tones in unexpected places (whether that's your nails or throw pillows). Still, PureWow’s Home Editor Sydney Meister maintains, “circus tent chic isn't limited to the red and white stripes you'd see at the carnival—many designers are incorporating the look with coastal blues and metallics that make it feel sophisticated.”

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