Zac Efron 'Kidnaps' His Grandpa from the Nursing Home So They Can Watch the Euro Cup Together

Move over, Tom Cruise. Zac Efron just went on an impossible mission: to bust his grandfather out of his nursing home.

On Monday, the 33-year-old actor shared a clip of himself and his brother, Dylan, supposedly breaking into a nursing home to quietly take their grandpa out so he could watch the Euro Cup finals with them.

“Time to bust Grandpa out of here!" Efron says at the beginning of the clip before putting on a face mask and sneaking inside. After stealing a key card to his grandfather's room, his adorable relative says, “Let’s get outta here.” The trio then heads out into the parking lot, into a car and home to watch the game.

At the end of the footage, the High School Musical star adds, “Grandpa's better at acting than I am.” We guess it runs in the family. It’s also important to mention that the theme song to Mission: Impossible played as background music throughout the video.

It’s clear that the brothers weren’t actually taking their relative out of the nursing home without permission. However, we have to give them credit for their creativity and video production skills.

And we weren’t the only ones who loved the mini-movie. One IG follower commented on the post, “Freaking adorable….I hope you had an awesome day together!!” Another added, “Zac I love HSM but this might be my favorite film of yours yet.” Even Charlie's Angels director, Elizabeth Banks, commended the video, writing, “I love this so much.”

We think Zac and Dylan should start their own YouTube series centered around Grandpa Efron.

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