Angela Kinsey Reveals Which ‘The Office’ Co-Stars She Trusts Enough to Watch Her Cats

When we think of cats, our mind naturally gravitates toward Angela Kinsey from The Office. For years, she played the formality-loving cat enthusiast Angela on the hit comedy. But, as it turns out, she’s also a cat person in real life. So when she stopped by the PureWow offices recently with two kittens in hand to talk about her partnership with Royal Canin, we weren’t totally surprised. What did throw us for a loop, however, were The Office co-stars she deems worthy to watch her fur family. 

During a round of Cat Lady Confessions with PureWow, the 48-year-old The Office alum let slip who she’d let watch her IRL cats, Oreo and Snickers.

“Well, I wouldn’t ask Dwight [Rainn Wilson] to babysit a cat, that didn’t go so well. RIP Sprinkles,” she began, reminding us of that terrible episode when Dwight accidentally caused Sprinkles’s death and then left her in the freezer for Angela. *Shudders*

She went on to explain, “You know what, as much as Pam [Jenna Fischer] drove Angela crazy, I would probably ask Pam. Because I feel like Pam would probably follow my instructions. I feel like I would leave her a list, and Pam would do it.”

Kinsey rounded out the rest of the cast of characters with a lot of nos and one yes. “Not Creed [Creed Bratton], no. Probably wouldn’t trust Phyllis [Phyllis Smith]. Definitely not Meredith [Kate Flannery]. Definitely not Kevin [Brian Baumgartner]. Maybe Oscar [Oscar Nunez]. Not Michael [Steve Carell]. Not Jim [John Krasinski]. Pam or Oscar.”

Honestly, we’d probably make the same decision, Angela.

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