‘Westworld’ Season 2 Recaps: Every Confusing Episode

If you’re confused AF watching the second season of Westworld, you’re not alone. From the random Bengal tiger to the Arnold versus Bernard debacle, there’s no denying the popular HBO series is, like, insanely difficult to keep up with. 

Whether you fell off during episode one, ten or somewhere in between, these season two recaps are just the refresher you need.

westworld season 2 episode 1 recap
John P. Johnson/HBO

‘westworld’ Season 2, Episode 1 Recap: ‘journey Into Night’

Chaos erupts in Westworld when the hosts begin to turn on the park guests. To top it off, Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) is starting to remember, like, everything, and she wants revenge. Dun dun dunnn.

westworld season 2 episode 2 recap
John P. Johnson/HBO

‘westworld’ Season 2, Episode 2 Recap: ‘reunion’

While Dolores is more determined than ever to get her revenge, Teddy (James Marsden) becomes distraught when he discovers the truth about himself. But will a surprise twist change the game…for good?

westworld season 2 episode 3 recap1

‘westworld’ Season 2, Episode 3 Recap: ‘virtù E Fortuna’

The Bengal tiger mystery from episode one is finally explained, while Bernard (Jeffrey Wright) gets closer to cracking Abernathy’s coding and figuring out the meaning of “the package.”

bernard season 2 westworld
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‘westworld’ Season 2, Episode 4 Recap: ‘the Riddle Of The Sphinx’

Jim's (Peter Mullan) back story is finally revealed. (You know, the investor whose retirement we celebrated in episode two.) Meanwhile, Bernard’s confusion hits an all-time high when he discovers the Westworld creators are building far more than human-like robots.

maeve westworld shogun world
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‘westworld’ Season 2, Episode 5 Recap: ‘akane No Mai’

We finally get a glimpse of Westworld’s neighboring park, Shogun World. But it appears Dolores isn’t the only host who’s going off script.

westworld bernard episode 6
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‘westworld’ Season 2, Episode 6 Recap: ‘phase Space’

Bernard discovers the Cradle is the key to stopping the host takeover and takes drastic measures to solve the puzzle.

bernard dr ford westworld season 2
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‘westworld’ Season 2, Episode 7 Recap: ‘les Écorchés’

When Charlotte uncovers Bernard’s secret, she presses him for answers on the decryption key. Meanwhile, Dolores finally reunites with her dad, Peter, and wastes no time picking his brain…literally.

akecheta westworld episode 8

‘westworld’ Season 2, Episode 8 Recap: ‘kiksuya’

Akecheta reveals his backstory and plans for leading his tribe through the maze. At the Mesa, Maeve’s fate is called into question when Charlotte discovers her hidden talent.

westworld season 2 episode 9 william
John P. Johnson/HBO

​‘westworld’ Season 2, Episode 9 Recap: ‘vanishing Point’

The Man in Black finally introduces us to the unfortunate chain of events that led to his fascination with the park and, in turn, his wife’s suicide.

westworld crack season 2 finale
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‘westworld’ Season 2, Episode 10 Recap: ‘the Passenger’

The season finale introduces a whirlwind of confusion: What happened to Westworld after the host takeover? Did Dolores finally escape? And, last but not least, has the Man in Black fooled us into thinking he’s a real person?


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