Are Wedding Tours the New Destination Weddings?

couple toasting their friends at an intimate wedding reception

Your family is spread all over the East Coast and your fiancé’s is all local to Seattle. Meanwhile, the two of you have been happily settled in Austin, Texas, for the past few years. So the big question is, where do you plan your wedding? For some, the answer is everywhere.

Yup, more and more couples are going on tour and having multiple weddings at multiple locations, according to The New York Times. In fact, one New York City–based wedding planner interviewed in the story, Jove Meyer, says that 15 percent of the couples he worked with last year have had more than one ceremony. And while we love us a good party (especially one with an open bar), we have a lot of follow-up questions for those embracing the trend.

First, of course, is: Why? For some, it’s a way to accommodate family and friends that live far away from one another. For others, it allows the couple to honor differing cultural or religious backgrounds to the fullest, rather than cutting corners in order to combine them into one event. These reasons actually make a lot of sense for some couples and can prevent one half of your extended family from feeling excluded just because they couldn’t get to your uncle’s stunning but very remote Minnesota ranch.

After that, however, the number of details to sort through only becomes more and more complex.

Will your bridal party be expected to come with you to each location? What about both sets of parents?

How do you determine who gets invited to which ceremony?

Which destination gets to go first?

Do you wear the same dress or buy a new one for each event?

Does this mean your wedding invitations can more closely resemble a Beyoncé tour announcement than your average invite?

Will you have custom merch parting gifts for each location?

And (probably most important of all) how on earth do you throw two or more weddings on a budget?

Perhaps you can save a little by serving a cheese wedding cake at one of the receptions...



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