Costco Has a Cheese Wedding Cake Kit for Cheese-Loving Lovers

When it comes to weddings, the cake is just OK. There. We said it.

We’re usually too busy dancing (or drinking) to bat an eye at a multitiered monstrosity of flour, sugar and too-sweet-frosting. If you want to herd us to the dessert table, you’re going to have to try harder.

Enter the Sid Wainer & Son Cheese Lover Artisan Wedding Cake, a 24-pound tower of lactose that you can buy from Costco. Behold:

costco cheese wedding cake
Courtesy of Costco/Sid Wainer & Son

Rather than your standard white cake with buttercream, this masterpiece features five different cheeses. From bottom to top, the “cake” is made from Red Leicester (an English cheese similar to cheddar), a Danish blue, Murcia al Vino (a Spanish goat cheese aged with, yep, wine), a Tuscan sheep’s milk cheese and Brillat Savarin Triple Cream Brie to top it off. (It’s a good thing the top tier goes to the bride and groom.)

To be clear, it all ships as a box of artisan cheeses, not a pseudo-wedding-cake-cheese-tower. It’s your job to assemble everything into its pungent five-tiered glory. (BYO floral accents.) It also costs $440 and serves 105 to 150 people, depending on how hungry your guests are.

As self-described cheese obsessives, we’re very much on board with this nuptial trend. And in France, they serve cheese as dessert…ergo this cake is trés chic.


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