Alexandra Breckenridge Gets Back to Cooking with 'Virgin River' Co-Star Martin Henderson (& a Surprise Guest)

Our favorite TV cast just blessed us with another episode of our go-to Instagram cooking show. That’s right—Virgin Rivers Alexandra Breckenridge (Mel Monroe) and Martin Henderson (Jack Sheridan) are back with another episode of their “Inappropriate Cooking Show.”

Breckenridge shared the latest culinary clip on Monday, this time tackling a fettuccine with clam sauce recipe. If you’re unfamiliar, the duo originally does their cooking shows as Live videos, but later posts the entire clips to their social media (thank goodness). This time around, the pair even welcomed a special guest.

“Hello! Hi everybody,” Breckenridge said in the clip. “Martin is late. I think it's a little unknown fact to the rest of the world that Martin Henderson is always a little bit late. So, I'm waiting for him. I don't really know when he is going to show up. But I do have somebody else here who apparently didn't know she was going to be on camera today. I'm not entirely sure why. Any guesses?”

After almost zero response from viewers, she revealed the surprise guest to be...Zibby Allen (who plays Brie Sheldon). After about five minutes, Henderson finally arrived. However, it wasn’t long before they realized they only had half the amount of clams that they needed and that they didn’t have the correct pasta. Classic. Watch the full video above.

In previous episodes, these two have whipped up everything from sourdough bread from scratch to homemade granola. And we have a feeling they’re just getting started.

Maybe we’ll try one of these delicious recipes for the holidays.

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