Victoria Beckham Posts Funny Shout-Out to Jennifer Coolidge for Wearing Her Makeup to the Golden Globes

When it comes to the Golden Globes—AKA one of the biggest nights in Hollywood—we expect nothing less than stunning outfits and top-notch glam. So, it should be no surprise that one of our favorites, Jennifer Coolidge, is wearing Victoria Beckham's makeup brand for the special occasion.

On her Instagram Story, Beckham gave the actress a funny shoutout by sharing a relatable meme, featuring none other than Coolidge's White Lotus character, Tanya. The top half of the meme shows her with a tired face and reads, "Sitting through two hours of glam." Then the bottom half shows Tonya with a bright smile and reads, "But it's Victoria Beckham Beauty."

jennifer coolidge beckham ig story

Beneath the meme, the fashion designer teased, "Countdown to the Golden Globes... Can you guess who will be wearing Victoria Beckham Beauty?"

Shortly after Beckham shared the post, Coolidge reposted the story to her IG and wrote, "Thank you @victoriabeckham! I'll wear you any day." But the fun didn't end there. Beckham also shared an "updated" White Lotus promotional poster, where she's Photoshopped into the pic with the rest of the cast. (If you ask us, it looks like she'd fit right in.)

jennifer coolidge beckham ig story 2

The designer joked, "@Thewhitelotus' newest cast member!! Can't wait to pick up my award later at the @goldenglobes. @jennifercoolidge xx VB."

Sure, Beckham would make for a great addition to the White Lotus crew. But for now, we'll take her fashionable IG looks and spot-on memes.

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