Makeup Lovers Unite: Ulta Just Dropped a Marvel Avengers Collection and It’s Super Affordable

It may be true that not all heroes wear capes, but how about makeup? Hey, even superheroes need to glam it up now and then.

Luckily, Ulta just dropped a brand-new line of products as part of the “Ulta Beauty x Marvel’s Avengers Collection” and the timing is nothing short of ideal.

“Heading to the movies? Or maybe you just want to feel ultra-powerful for that job interview?” Ulta captioned an Instagram post of the collection. “Ulta Beauty x Marvel’s Avengers Collection will add a little super to your look. Get it online and in stores now, and be sure to catch @marvelstudios #AvengersEndgame in theaters April 26!”

The collection, which was created to celebrate the highly anticipated release of Avengers Endgame, features a 15-shade eye shadow palette ($20), super-powered lip glosses ($10), long-lasting matte liquid lipsticks ($10) and a four-pan highlighting palette ($16). Super, indeed.

The star of the collection is arguably the eye shadow palette, which includes 15 colors (mostly shimmers with a few mattes) with clever/cute names like Hero Vibes, Game Changer, Save the World and Amazed.

We can totally picture Captain Marvel wearing these shades while fighting Skrull warriors, or Black Widow rocking a matte lip on her way to stop Thanos.

The packaging says it best: “Courageous. Tenacious. Fearless. Legendary.”