This New ‘Oliver Twist’ Spinoff Stars Jude Law’s Lookalike Son

“If singing, dancing and happy endings is your thing, then you're watching the wrong version of this story.”

That's the warning we get from our protagonist (played by Rafferty "Raff" Law) at the beginning of the trailer for Twist. In Sky Cinema's newest flick, we see a Dickens classic tale turned on its head. This modern adaptation follows a graffiti artist, named Twist, who loses his way after his mom dies and finds himself wrapped up in a scheme to steal priceless artwork.

In the trailer, lead actor Raff might look somewhat familiar because he's actually the eldest son of star Jude Law (and we can definitely see the resemblance). While Raff has worked in the modeling industry for years, Twist will mark his acting debut. Check him out in the clip below.

“My kids are not disposable,” says Michael Caine, who plays Fagin, one of the iconic characters from the original Oliver Twist. He enlists Twist and a group of vagabonds to help him steal a William Hogarth painting from his former art dealer boss...but this heist may not be as simple as they think.

Along with Law and Caine, Twist features a star-studded cast, including Rita Ora (Fifty Shades of Grey), Noel Clarke (Bulletproof), Sophie Simnett (The Lodge), Jason Maza (Dark Heart), Franz Drameh (Hereafter), David Walliams (Rock Profile) and Lena Headey (Game of Thrones).

The movie was directed by Martin Owen (whose previous credits include Killers Anonymous and L.A. Slasher), who also wrote the screenplay with Sally Collett and John Wrathall.

Twist will hit theaters and be available to stream on-demand or for purchase digitally starting July 30.

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