This ‘True Detective’ Season 3 Character Is Definitely at the Center of Julie’s Disappearance

Every episode of True Detective leaves our mind churning with theories about what happened to Julie Purcell. But after season three, episode six of the hit HBO series, we just might be getting closer to figuring it out.

We know you want us to point a finger at Amelia (Carmen Ejogo), and how she’s capable of committing murder to make The New York Times’ Best Seller List, but no. We’re not ready to go there yet, because it’s just too heartbreaking to consider.

But also…because of Hoyt. Obviously.

The man that we have not yet met, the man who has no first name and a bright pink kids’ room in his basement...How much more evidence is needed to spell out he’s responsible for Julie’s disappearance?

Here’s what we know: He is the owner of Hoyt Foods and appears to be a respected man within the community. After losing his grandchild (the blonde girl in the painting in episode three, we presume) a few years prior, Mr. Hoyt started a foundation called the Ozark Children’s Outreach Center. This is the first time Hoyt has offered a reward for a missing child, “knowing the mother used to be in our family, the board thought they’d contribute,” the company spokesperson said. But we’d like to float a theory that this is to control the investigation and keep the cops in his deep, deep pockets.

Cousin Dan, high as he may have been, told Tom to think about who has enough money to help Lucy leave town and sustain herself financially until she “accidentally overdoses.” It all screams Hoyt.

But the question remains: Why did Harris James get mixed up in this and why did it have to be Julie? Fingers crossed we’ll learn more when season three, episode seven premieres on HBO on Sunday, February 17, at 9 p.m. PT/ET, but something tells us we’re just scratching the surface.

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